CHALLENGES for 4/7/15/30/60/100 Day Goals! 🏆



Thank you @Johny! My NoFap struggles are mostly behind me now! Now I am just relaxing and helping out with the challenge threads :slight_smile:

@kpsrikanth1994 You removed yourself from the scoreboard, are you retiring from the challenge?


I shall see you all in 15 days.


Hello @petrassib here is accelerator .
I had to make my new account because my last account was not working (I was unable to sign in) my new username is ‘Accelerator1’ .
Please replace my this new username to the older one.


I finally made to the Green Hearts challenge! Thanks @petrassib for all your support in here!


Well done @DaNao I am proud of you!

It is my privilege to add your name to the leaderboard. Keep on proving to yourself that you can do what you put your mind to :+1:


Thanks but I lapsed right after 5 days. So I am going to start over again. :frowning:


If you get knocked down just get right back up again and try until you succeed :facepunch:


I can’t seem to go much farther than a week even though my goal is 15 days. It’s frustrating sometimes. Hoping I have a breakthrough soon.


@levimorris4567, another orange heart under the belt! Well done :wink: :facepunch:

@copper_bronze I understand, the first 7 days are the hardest…try introducing some exercise or calisthenics to give your body a release! What you can also do is trade in a heart for a headstart towards another one. So when you are starting a heart you can trade in a smaller one like a green one and you will be started on day 7 towards the yellow heart. High risk, high reward :slight_smile:


Today my brain was triggering me to watch Pdjdud7dhfr
( I don’t want to take his name too )
I’m meditating over the last few months
So I’m aware of that trigger/old pattern
I’m trying to avoid this, and keep busy myself
But when I’m free It starts again

But I remember the last time relapse
Started with a small thought/trigger
And got the result - relapse
And got a bonus - after relapse I cried 2 hours

I don’t know
how can I get rid of this trigger
Has it happened to anyone before. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


From now on, I will be reseting the counter if I fail to achieve my daily goals like @s8k8. Thanks to the guy, I have come to believe that it is pointless if I just keep on moving through time making no good use of the energy that I save from no fap. It needs to be harnessed effectively so that we can mould ourselves into our ideal self. I was waiting to get the black heart before I could start on this brand new journey! But i realized that it’s not the black heart that I am here for, I am here for the journey and the prosperity that comes with it. The badges are worthless if we fail to improve our personality.



Starting today


I’ve started running :running_man: since the beginning of this month so I’m hoping to do a little better with nofap. If I still can’t get past a week I’m going to trade in a heart for a head start. I don’t want to give in yet. 15 days is a good challenge for me.


Hi, just joined th forum, interested to do the challenges, but I failed to edit the post to add my name for blue heart .
Using form mobile. A little help would be great.
Name - Abhi93
Sharing code- i1w3hx


Yep @Abhi93 all you need to do is edit the scoreboard and add yourself in! Great to have you on board :slight_smile:


Thanks for adding me


Day 5 reached in blue group. Should get the blue heart now right?


Well done @Abhi93 and @chaturboka on getting 1st blue heart

will you be going for a second blue heart or will you try for a different group? :slight_smile:


Placed myself in the green group. Thanks. 7 days now.


I’d like to trade in a green heart to have a head start towards another heart. I will be going for the 15 day challenge, the yellow heart.

What should I do?