CHALLENGES for 4/7/15/30/60/100 Day Goals! 🏆



Tsuyoi08 hjhjbhjbbjhbb


How can I join? Please help me


what is your sharing code?

Yep @Tsuyoi08 all you need to do is edit the scoreboard and add yourself in! Great to have you on board :slight_smile:


FINALLY i did it
Now I will definitely reach in 2nd place :slightly_smiling_face:

I would like to say that it does not happen without the support of all of you

This time for the first time I will give myself a gift on New Year
The gift is :black_heart: I mean 100 days streak


I have reached day 110 in the black heart group. How will I get the heart? Will my 10 days be counted if I want to join the black heart group again?


:black_heart: Target 100 days


Day 7 reached in green heart group. I can edit and give myself the green heart but that defeats the purpose of earning a reward. What should I do?
And shouldn’t there be one/few heads to give the hearts?



hey,i want to join back


You can edit the score board on the 2nd post and add yourself in just like everyone else


Finally some progress. 14 days completed. @petrassib @neveragaintw


Can, someone, anyone who is as old here as @petrassib give me a blue heart so that it can feel a little bit rewarding? Thanks😊


Congratulations for your blue heart. It is an important step on your journey to a better life.

I am not able to edit the leaderboard, so @petrassib has to do that later.


I completed the 4 days challenge. Can I just add the blue heart by myself?


Abhi25s 121b5f3 Day 0


If @petrassib is no longer active here, there should eventually be a new maintainer.


DAY 46 HERE…But i have leaked some drops of semen after peeing 4-5 drops due to some constipation…


I don’t know where the edit button is!


@Lumineon At the bottom right of the scoreboard post (circled in red in the attached image below).


I do not like the rule of counting from zero to join the competition. Those who join late will be at the end. This is the only reason why I did not join it.


@adequatemonty. Thank you Sir!