CHALLENGES for 4/7/15/30/60/100 Day Goals! πŸ†



You are more than welcome to @nalassill! Give it a try, just edit the scoreboard and add yourself into the group of your choosing with the same format, see if you can do it :slight_smile:


Code: caef81


Welcome to the challenge @JeyRobin! :slight_smile: To join all you need to do is edit the scoreboard, add your details into whichever group you wish you join and then update as often as you like! :facepunch::slightly_smiling_face:


I’m in! going to edit the scoreboard in 30 days group challenge. Hope we’re all success in our goal!


Great to have you on board @bluehawk! I wish you the best of luck :grin::+1:

Well done @Johny with another green heart! You have moved up to 17th place now, keep doing your best :slight_smile:

@acarnegie743 I noticed you removed your name on the day when you were going to complete the 30 day challenge. Why is this? It would be a shame to have you leave when you were so close!


I relapsed on day 29 :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


Sorry to hear that brother! You know when this challenge started I went for the 100 days challenge? I got to day 93 and then relapsed! It felt like all those days down the drain, no black heart in the end!

But I realised that my worth wasn’t anything to do with how many of these hearts I collected, but that I had completed 93 days and I knew that this was a great accomplishment for me. I let those thoughts of self blame and shame go away and moved on, continued to accept myself and be proud of what I had done.

I think you made a huge accomplishment @acarnegie743, whether you got to 30 days or not, you got to 29! That is massive. And if you relapsed then you have even more information than before as to why you relapsed and how to prepare yourself to avoid it in the future.

Never give up brother :facepunch:


Thanks @petrassib. I will try again…


Lets go ! My code is 50b9ec5


Day 20.
Lets go ahead.


Great to have you in @calebealmeidalima! Could you add yourself in? You will need to update your streak yourself anyways so it just ensures you know how to do that for yourself :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need help with it :+1:


@petrassib hello i will be participating in the Black heart challenge group. I will be updating my streaks but possibly not everyday. Bear with me. But I will stay in the group till i complete the challenge under any circumatances :slightly_smiling_face::muscle::muscle:


There is no pressure to update everyday @acarnegie743! Especially in the black heart challenge, some people wait 3 weeks between updates would you believe! So no sweat there, do what you need to do, be the best you brother :facepunch:


Keep up the achievements @Johny, another blue heart well earned :wink: :+1:


Hey @kpsrikanth1994 did you relapse at 6 days or did you complete and start a new challenge? :o

Well done @Drfahadx! You earned another heart! And moved up to 17th place, no easy feat when there are so many in this challenge. Your perseverance is paying off brother, keep it up :facepunch:


Thank you brother :heart::heart::heart:


I relapsed at the sixth day.
So I decided to join 4 day challenge and win it.
After 4 day challenge I will join the 15 day challenge


Congrats @SelfMadeNinja on your second heart! Keep up the great work :slight_smile:


And well done @WalkWithoutFear on your second green heart! :grin: That is two to your name, keep up the great work :slight_smile:


Thanks @petrassib still learning from own mistakes but still moving forward. Congrats to your achievements πŸ–’ I see big improvements from your status massages.