CHALLENGES for 4/7/15/30/60/100 Day Goals! 🏆



Thanks, i am looking forward to completing 7 day challenge and keeping ma hearths :smiley: It will be rainbow challenge for me :smiley:


As @Colder already has the paid version of this app, we need to pick a new winner from the 6 participants that completed the July Challenge. I have used the random number generator to decide who next has an opportunity to win this prize.

From the remaining 5 participants the winner is… !

Please let me know if you already have the paid version so I can offer it to the next participant :slight_smile:


Congrats @copper_bronze, another green heart! You’re doing really well keep going :grin::facepunch:


@levimorris4567 You updated the scoreboard with an older version of it. Please be more careful. I will fix it when I’ve got time.


No I don’t have a paid version of this app.


Sorry @petrassib I didn’t even realize you could do that… I’ll definitely try to be more careful, just so I know, how do you do that? So that I don’t do it again


I’m in! :sunglasses:


Thank you for the apology @levimorris4567! I actually have no idea. I guess just keep an eye on it when you update that nothing changed except your score.

Great to have you on the team @Shinkuu! :facepunch::grin:


Big congrats to you @levimorris4567! Your perseverance has paid off and you have rightfully earned the orange heart :facepunch::grin:

This has soared you up to 6th place just below the black heart winners. Keep on your journey inspiring brother!


Day 0


Hey @digabat for this challenge you add yourself in by editing the scoreboard and popping your name and sharing code and streak down in the group of your choosing :grin:


I’m in :slight_smile:

beezy - 035c036 - 0 days


Great to have you on the team @beezy :blush::facepunch:


Well done @kpsrikanth1994 on getting your second green heart! You are in the top 20 now, worth being proud of :grin:


Thanks for your appreciation @petrassib and for creating this challenge initiative.


@petrassib I’m in bro. I will add me in the list


Great to have you back @arshad321! Hope those exams went well :slight_smile:


Congrats to you @rosefolium for getting the green heart! Kudos to you, I look forward to continuing to see you achieving :grin:


@purity6 You have been removed from the challenge due to inactivity. You will remain on the leaderboard and if you wish to resume this challenge feel free to :slight_smile:


Thanks for congrats :smile: Gonna go for 15 days challenge now :smile_cat: