CHALLENGES for 4/7/15/30/60/100 Day Goals! 🏆



I’m back, had problems with my account because I had to get a new phone but I am still going strong


Bro share your code. Mine 79b786 :blush:


@kpsrikanth1994 In the Statistics section there is a Journal and in this you can click the ‘+’ button to add an entry :slight_smile: Here you can write the date you started your current challenge to track how many days it has been.

Ah @levimorris4567 it is good to have you back, it can be tricky to switch over your data to a new account I did it before but it was hard! Keep up the great work :+1:

Don’t forget @acarnegie743, most people have their sharing codes available on the scoreboard :slight_smile:


@rowi73 You have been inactive for more than a few weeks now. I will retire you from the Scoreboard as a result. You can come out of retirement whenever you want but I just want to keep active users on the Scoreboard :slight_smile: Add your details back on the scoreboard when and if you want to continue :+1:


Hey @Johny could you replace your sharing code with your correct sharing code? :slight_smile:


hay @petrassib are you relapse


Hey @BruceLee! I did in fact relapse! But I wanted to do it, I did so without porn and it went well for me :slight_smile: We all have different goals, mine is to masturbate only once every few weeks without any porn involved. It is notoriously difficult but I believe I have come far enough that it may be possible for me now so I am testing the waters :slight_smile: Thanks for checking up on me :+1:


So did you lose the july challenge
I want to know


Yup I did actually I totally forgot about that fuck :sob::joy:


In for the August challenge.
I have not made much progress in July and relapsed a couple of times, that’s why my counter stayed 0.
I’m 11 days in. My longest streak was around 89 days recently (a few months ago) and I was highly productive.

Add me bruhs: Turnmylifearound -ec7789

@petrassib that’s alright bro. We are all fallible to the human condition.


There isn’t going to be an August challenge here unfortunately! I will do some other events in the future but for now this is the only one @TheWillToLive.

That is good anyways you added yourself in! You started on the 1st of August so if you do the 30 days group it is basically an August challenge :slight_smile: But everyone starts counting from 0 when you start a group regardless of your streak so I adjusted your counter accordingly. Have fun :slight_smile: :+1:

Hey well done @WalkWithoutFear I am proud of you dude achieving your first heart! You are a welcome addition to the Leaderboard, congratulations :slight_smile:


I failed 1 hour ago. I shouldn’t deserve a heart. Tired of this addiction and stupid loneliness in my life. I don’t want it and I just want to go beyond this.


You earned the heart bro, why punish yourself when you achieved something? In order to heal you must be patient with yourself and be nice to yourself. Don’t be your own worst enemy @WalkWithoutFear


I feel ya bro. I have been in the same spot from time and again. There is nothing wrong with having those feelings man. It’s a matter of identifying those feelings, is your real self your feelings? Do you have control over your feelings or do they have control over you?

What I can say is dude, your feelings at this moment is not the reflection of who you are or who you can be in the future! Don’t let days of relapses define who you are as a person .


@petrassib I finally made it to Day 100. :pray: And completed the challenge.


Hey man! Warriors never surrender. Remember that. He always rises up stronger with every setbacks or failures. You can do it bro.


Woah @s8k8 you have finally done it! 100 whole days brother! I am very proud of you and honoured to have you join the Leaderboard to have your achievements be immortalised :slight_smile:

How do you feel now that you completed such a large challenge? Do you wish there was an even bigger goal in this challenge or 100 days is satisfying and you feel content with your accomplishment? Maybe you want to go for more hearts? I am curious what you feel you want from your next steps that I can try to provide in this challenge :slight_smile:


Right now I’m focusing on developing my habit to read and learn different topics. My secret to win 100 days P&M free and only 1 wet dream is, I consistently tried to bring my mind focus back to my new habits, and days just passed by, meanwhile I scored my streak and also gained a better understanding about whatever I’m studying and reading. So net gain is win-win. My future plan is same as current, keep my focus intact, to build upon my new habits.


Awesome that is a great way to find yourself success!

In terms of this challenge thread however would you like to have an even larger challenge to go for or is the 100 days goal big enough? :slight_smile:


I will keep going. But this time I am not going to fool myself.