CHALLENGES for 4/7/15/30/60/100 Day Goals! 🏆



Code: 826714
Current streak: 0 days
Highest streak: 21 days
Location: USA
Sex: male
I want to go for 7 days for now. Then 30 days. How do I join?


Welcome bro! Go to page no. 2 there you will find the scoreboard. Edit it by entering your name, code and day… come on. Hurry!!


I entered already. Wish you the best of your journey as well. Let’s end this.


Welcome to the challenge @WalkWithoutFear, great to have you on board! :slight_smile: :facepunch:

The hearts people have next to their names have been earned for completing streaks in this challenge by the way they aren’t just a decoration :stuck_out_tongue:


@Drfahadx I am so proud of you right now! There is no one in this challenge that has persevered as much as you have to achieve the green heart. I have watched you try and try and try again. You would fall and then you would immediately try again and again. I believed with perseverance like that you would achieve your goals eventually, inevitably.

And here you are! Your biggest heart to date and very well earned. Continue to go for achievable goals, I am very proud of you bro :slight_smile: :facepunch:


@refresh Please be more careful and aware when you are editing the scoreboard. You somehow changed the scoreboard back to what it was 5 days ago. It took me 15 minutes to undo that and it would have taken much longer if I didn’t notice only a few minutes after you changed it.

Make sure you refresh the page before you edit and just click ‘Edit Wiki’ and change your days.


In what manner I should edit scoreboard?


I was mostly referring to @refresh but @kpsrikanth1994 you also set several peoples days back by 1 and removed one participants name from the challenge. I had to repair that mistake manually myself.

If there is a bug that is causing this please let me know but otherwise just follow the instructions I put in the previous comment :slight_smile:


I have a question. Do I have to add my streak on the scoreboard to see my progress ? Or when I reach a certain streak like lets say 7 days I will get heart ? Thanks.


Good questions @WalkWithoutFear ! You don’t need to update to see your progress, it is only for yourself to do as often as you enjoy. I find the ritual of updating daily to be a helpful routine or ritual that keeps me aware of my progress and that I made it another day :slight_smile:

Once you update your days when you have reached the streak of your group then you receive a heart. If you are in the 7 day group then make sure to update when you reach day 7 so that you get your heart and you can start your next challenge without wasting days in between :slight_smile:


Thank you soooo much, You don’t know how much your words had motivates me I’m soooo happy thank you♡


There is only 7 of us left @BruceLee, @levimorris4567,, @Colder, @MrXYZ & for the July 30 Day Challenge!

Hold out a little longer there is only 7 days left! :facepunch:


Congratulations @petrassib


Thanks bro @acarnegie743! :slight_smile::facepunch:


@Colder a massive congratulations goes to you for completing the 100 Days challenge! You’re on a massive roll and you have been one of an elite few to climb the summit and be an inspiration for others :facepunch:

You have finally earned your rightful place in 1st tied with 3 others who came before you. If you can hold out one more week however you will automatically complete the July Challenge and get 200 more points to make you the only person in 1st place!

I have faith that you can hold out a bit longer to make it even further than anyone else! And of course you are more than welcome to keep collecting hearts besides, no other black heart winner has managed to stay motivated enough to do it but maybe you will be the first, who knows?

A big well done again @Colder, it has been great to have you in this challenge :+1:


Welcome to the Leaderboard @SemPMO! Well done on your first heart, I hope you get many more in time :slight_smile: :facepunch:


Do I need to edit my score board everyday or else after 2 or 3 days later I can add 2 days to the my score


Thank you so much, now I’m back with everything.


You can as you say wait a few days and add all those days that you accumulated at once @kpsrikanth1994 :slight_smile:


where is the note section?