Challenge a companion


@Warriors_Journey has relapsed and as its his 3rd loss, he is out of this season.


Congratulations guys, I have updated the scoreboard


Anyone for a 10 days challange


@_KarmaYogi @koylakhadan
Any one up for a 10 days challange.


Unfortunately my brother @Aragorn resetted his counter!
@Aragorn enough of the relapses man, It’s time to prove yourself…and u are not alone, we all are with you,
u have to beat this crap :facepunch:


@Martial_Beast has prevailed, but unfortunately @Aragorn has perished.

I am sorry bro, but you are eliminated from this season @Aragorn


My challenge with Aragorn ended after 5 days…so I should not be given any point for this challenge,
but I think by mistake you given me +1 point…


I challange u for 10 days
There are no challanges left here :joy::joy:


I really appreciate your honesty brother. Thanks for pointing it out. I guess it will take some getting used to this new rule😅 but it is important. Thank you once again.


@BruceLee hows going on friend


New updates of the “Scoreboard” are quite Awesome :blush:


Why are you asking me day by day, are you feel tired/urge ?? :no_mouth:

Thanks this is like a reminder for me. I’m on a challenge


Yes actually yesterday I was having huge urge
Really asked you day by day, really sorry mate
Just needed some motivation to move ahead


Hi, would challenge anyone for one or two months :smiley:


I would challenge you for 60days


@aapoorv75 Holla, could you add me and @Viijayy to challenge participants for 60 days? :smiley:


Please share your sharing code
My code is 2b3e8f7


My sharing code: 1f4146


@rosefolium challenged @Viijayy for 60 days starting from 20 Feb 2019 to 21 April 2019


@NEW_CHALLENGER We both managed to overcome half of the battle and we are still alive :grin:. How are you going? You cant fail me!! :crossed_swords::crossed_swords: