Challenge a companion

Sharing code - af92095

Current streak - 2 days
Highest streak - 139 days
Age - 22
Gender - M
Location - IN

Why I want to create a group - You all must have seen Last man standing group, 30 day challenge group, 90 day reboot groups etc. This is something else. Inspired by “Motivate a companion”, I bring to you, “Challenge a companion”

RULES OF THE CHALLENGE (Click here for season 2 rules)
Rules are as follows:-

  1. You have to call out any one member whome you want to challenge by using @ symbol.

  2. The challenger can only call another whose streak is greater than him/her.

  3. The challengee, can either accept or reject the Challenge. But the process should happen within 1 week. If not, it will be considered that challenge is unaccepted.

  4. Any Challenger or challengee can engage with only one at a time. No multiple Challenges at the same time.

  5. The minimum challenge streak is 10 days. Maximum challenge is 90 days. The challenger decides the no. Of day he/she want to challenge. The challengee can either accept or ask for a different no. Of days within the above given limits and can negotiate between themselves. If they don’t come to a conclusion, ping me, I will make a decision.

  6. No backing out. Once accepted, you are in the challenge and a single relapse means K.O.

  7. Every victory consist of some points. If anyone looses a challenge, he/she will have -1 point. If someone wins a challenge after passing 30 days in that challenge, they will gain 2 points. If someone wins after passing 50 days, they will gain 3 points. Following table shows the point distribution:-
    Less than 30 days victory = 1 point.
    More than 30 less than 50 victory= 2 points
    More than 50 less than 90 victory = 3 points

You can gain good points by challenging other companions or compensate your negative points by winning some.

  1. You cannot challenge the same challengee consecutively. At least a gap of 2 challenges with other companions.

  2. Elimination policy:- You can atmax loose 2 challenges. After 3 looses, you are out of the current season. There will be a scoreboard where your name will be put according to the points gained.

  3. If your challenger/challengee relapse, it’s your duty to call them out. Tag me too, i will make the score changes.

  4. The first point will only be provided when the challenge has gone into atleast 7 days. Below that, a relapse will be considered a withdrawal from the challenge (This rule is implemented as it is not fair to give someone 1 point after their challenger relapse in mere few hours and someone else is holding until 15 days and getting 1 point all the same)

At the end of the season, the one with the highest points will be declared as the winner of that season.

So I think thats it with the rules😅, keep checking them for clarification. If any suggestions, do ping me. If any doubts, do ping me.





After the conclusion of the Season 1, we now proceed to Season 2 as promised.
This time, unlike the last time, we will be having teams that will compete against each other. This will help not only one but several companions at the same time.
Let’s get to the rules of this season:-

  1. Teams consist of 3 members. 1 member’s streak should be between 1-15 days, 2nd member should be between 15-45 days. 3rd member should be above 45days. Remember guys, this rule is to ensure balance between all teams.
  2. The challenge will go on like this:-
    i. The member of the lowest streak of
    one team will be up against the lowest
    streak member of other team.

ii. The match is concluded when:- The
highest streak member of one of the
team looses or 2 other members of the
team looses.

  1. The points will be awarded as such:-
    i. If the highest streak member looses,
    straight victory of other team with 3
    ii. If the lowest streak member looses,
    1 point is awarded. 2 points if the middle
    streak member looses.

iii. If the top 2 members are defeated, the
other team gets a “full house” and 10
points straight.

  1. Negative points will be given as follows:-
    i. If lower/middle streak member looses,
    -1 point is given. If second member
    (middle/lower) looses, -2 points is
    ii. If top 2 of the members looses, straight -6 points given. If only the highest streak
    member looses, -3 point is given.
  2. After all the teams are formed, challenges can be made.
  3. There is no elimination, the team with highest point by the end of season wins.
  4. Once a team is formed, it cannot be charged till the end of the season, unless a team member leaves this challenge or competition.

These rules are subject to change, so read them and understand. Do point out any querries or mistakes



(DEC 2018 - APRIL 2019)


:hammer_and_pick: MrXYZ vs BruceLee :- 40 days (12 March 2019 to 22 April 2019)

:hammer_and_pick: srubio vs Aoshigreen :- 35 days (10 March 2019 to 14 April 2019)

:hammer_and_pick:Ankush2 vs Rockstaa:- 81 days (8 Feb 2019 to 30 April 2019)

:hammer_and_pick:rosefolium vs Viijayy :- 60 days (20 Feb 2019 to 21 April 2019)

:hammer_and_pick:Aaporva75 vs miguelangel.povedasanchez (04 April to 19 April 2019)


:mega::mega::mega: Results :mega::mega::mega:

:facepunch: Resurrection lost to udi
:facepunch: Resurrection lost to sikandar2907
:facepunch: hellojaani lost to AnkitK
:facepunch: Winnerarman lost to Martial_Beast
:facepunch: gunsblazing lost to ReNeGaDE
:facepunch: sikandar2907 lost to Aragorn
:facepunch: Martial_Beast lost to Stonecold
:facepunch: Martial_Beast lost to ReNeGaDE
:facepunch: Aragorn lost to Warriors_Journey
:facepunch: ReNeGaDE lost to Aoshigreen
:no_entry_sign: Resurrection was banned by Admin of app, making AnkitK winner
:facepunch: Stonecold lost to Celebrate_Life
:facepunch: sikandar2907 lost to Abhi93
:facepunch: hellojaani lost to Natalia
:facepunch: BruceLee lost to 17ripu.jhala
:facepunch: Celebrate_Life lost to blackbull
:facepunch: Natalia lost to MRmoussa2002
:facepunch: ReNeGaDE lost to MrXYZ
:facepunch: raghunandanpareek lost to einar
:facepunch: udi lost to ShivHanu
:facepunch: hellojaani lost to blackbull
:facepunch: ReloadingSacks lost to NewRebooter
:facepunch: einar lost to Natalia
:facepunch: Invincible_Knight lost to MrXYZ
:facepunch: Aragorn lost to ShivHanu
:facepunch: ReloadingSacks lost to batish
:facepunch: Special_Bird lost to Invincible_Knight
:handshake: aapoorv75 tied with M0stafaAE
:facepunch: ReloadingSacks lost to ReNeGaDE
:facepunch: Warriors_Journey lost to Forerunner
:facepunch: bezeq lost to srubio
:facepunch: einar lost to Viijayy
:facepunch: ReNeGaDE lost to Invincible_Knight
:facepunch: batish lost to blackbull
:handshake: ShivHanu tied with Rockstaa
:facepunch: Aoshigreen lost to BruceLee
:facepunch: Winnerarman lost to weir
:facepunch: einar lost to Martial_Beast
:facepunch: Hubinho lost to zayn
:facepunch: _karmaYogi lost to boomerangNebula
:facepunch: batish lost to Invincible_Knight
:facepunch: blackbull lost to MrXYZ
:facepunch: Warriors_Journey lost to Andra
:handshake: Viijayy tied with ShivHanu
:-1: Aragorn relapsed before 7 days
:facepunch: batish lost to MrXYZ
:facepunch: srubio lost to mohammadsohail663
:facepunch: BruceLee lost to weir
:-1: MJ2019 relapsed before 7 days
:facepunch: aapoorv75 lost to Taher
:handshake: Martial_Beast tied with ShivHanu
:-1: Unleashed_Saiyan relapsed before 7days
:-1: srubio relapsed before 7 days
:handshake: mohammadsohail663 tied with MrXYZ
:handshake: Weir tied with MJ2019
:-1: Aoshigreen lost to srubio on in 6 days
:-1: :romanmuni8 lost to AnkitK in 67 days :grimacing:
:-1: MJ2019 lost to Zaq73 in 7 day
:-1: New Challenger lost to miguelangel.povedasanchez
:handshake:ShivHanu tied with _KarmaYogi
:facepunch: Resurrection lost to udi
:facepunch: saintscgy lost to blackbull
:handshake:brucelee tied with Mrxyx
:handshake: ankitk tied with shivhanu

:tada::tada::tada::tada: Victors :tada::tada::tada::tada:

ReNeGaDE = 3 Victories
AnkitK = 4 Victories
udi = 1 Victory
sikandar2907 = 1 Victory
Martial_Beast = 4 Victories
Aragorn = 1 Victory
Stonecold = 1 Victory
Warriors_Journey = 1 Victory
Aoshigreen = 1 Victory
Invincible_Knight = 4 Victories
Abhi93 = 1 Victory
Natalia = 2 Victories
17ripu.jhala = 1 Victory
blackbull = 4 Victories
MRmoussa2002 = 1 Victory
MrXYZ = 5 Victories
einar = 1 Victory
ShivHanu = 7 Victories
NewRebooter = 1 Victory
batish = 1 Victory
aapoorv75 = 1 Victory
M0stafaAE = 1 Victory
Forerunner = 1 Victory
srubio = 2 Victory
Viijayy = 2 Victories
Rockstaa = 1 Victory
BruceLee = 2 Victory
weir = 3 Victories
zyan = 1 Victory
boomerangNebula = 1 Victory
Andra = 1 Victory
mohammadsohail663 = 2 Victory
Taher = 1 Victory
miguelangel.povedasanchez = 2 Victory
MJ2019=1 Victory
Zaq73= 1 victory
_KarmaYogi = 1 victory

:weary: Losers

unleashed_saiyan = 1 lose
Resurrection = 2 loses :no_entry_sign:
hellojaani = 3 loses :skull_and_crossbones:
Winnerarman = 2 loses :rotating_light:
gunsblazing = 1 lose
sikandar2907 = 2 loses :rotating_light:
Martial_Beast = 2 loses :rotating_light:
Aragorn = 3 loses :skull_and_crossbones:
ReNeGaDE = 3 loses :skull_and_crossbones:
Stonecold = 1 lose
BruceLee = 2 loses :rotating_light:
Invincible_Knight = 2 loses :rotating_light:
Natalia = 1 lose
raghunandanpareek = 1 lose
udi = 1 lose
Warriors_Journey = 3 loses :skull_and_crossbones:
ReloadingSacks = 3 loses :skull_and_crossbones:
einar = 3 loses :skull_and_crossbones:
Special_Bird = 1 lose
bezeq = 1 lose
batish = 3 loses :skull_and_crossbones:
Aoshigreen = 2 lose
Hubinho = 1 lose
_karmaYogi = 1 lose
blackbull = 1 lose
srubio = 2 loses
aapoorv75 = 1 lose
MJ2019 = 2 lose
romanmuni8= 1 lose
saintcgy=1 lose

:office::office::office::office::office: POINTS TABLE :office::office::office::office::office:

:muscle: Zaq73 =1 point
:muscle:aapoorv75 = 1 point
:muscle:M0stafaAE = 2 points
:muscle: AnkitK = 5 points
:muscle:17ripu.jhala = 2 points
:muscle: udi = 0 point
:muscle: blackbull = 2 points
:muscle: MRmoussa2002 = 1 point
:muscle: MrXYZ = 6 points
:muscle: Viijayy = 2 points
:muscle: Andra = 1 point
:muscle: Warriors_Journey = -2 points :skull_and_crossbones:
:muscle: Aoshigreen = 0 point
:muscle: Taher = 1 point
:muscle: Abhi93 = 1 point
:muscle: batish = -2 points :skull_and_crossbones:
:muscle: Forerunner = 1 point
:muscle: boomerangNebula = 1 point
:muscle: weir = 3 points
:muscle: einar = -2 points :skull_and_crossbones:
:muscle: ShivHanu = 7 points
:muscle: NewRebooter = 1 point
:muscle: ReNeGaDE = 0 point :skull_and_crossbones:
:muscle: Invincible_Knight = 2 points
:muscle: mohammadsohail663 = 2 point
:muscle: zayn = 1 point
:muscle: Aragorn = -2 points :skull_and_crossbones:
:muscle: Stonecold = 0 point
:muscle: Natalia = 1 point
:muscle: srubio = - 1 point
:muscle: bezeq = -1 point
:muscle:Winnerarman = -2 points
:muscle: gunsblazing = -1 point
:muscle: Hubinho = -1 point
:muscle: kin76 = -1 point
:muscle: MJ2019 = -1 point
:muscle:BruceLee = 0 point
:muscle: Sikandar2907 = -1 point
:muscle: Martial_Beast = 2 points
:muscle: Rockstaa = 1 point
:muscle: raghunandanpareek = -1 point
:muscle: _karmaYogi = 0 point
:muscle: ReloadingSacks = -3 points :skull_and_crossbones:
:muscle: Special_Bird = -1 point
:muscle: hellojaani = -3 points :skull_and_crossbones:
:muscle: Resurrection = -2points :no_entry_sign:
:muscle:MJ2019=1 Points
:muscle:Srubio = 1 point
:muscle: miguelangel.povedasanchez= 2 point
:muscle: blackbull= 1 point


:hammer_and_pick: : Ongoing match
:facepunch: : Concluded match
:-1: : Match withdrawn due to relapse before 7 days
:handshake: : Tied match
:rotating_light: : Danger zone
:skull_and_crossbones: : Eliminated
:no_entry_sign: : Banned
:muscle: : Points table

Season 1 ends on 30 April 2019

Results of Season 1:-

Top 3 with most victories:-

  1. ShivHanu (7 victories) :trophy::trophy::trophy:
  2. MrXYZ (5 victories) :trophy::trophy:
  3. AnkitK (4 victories with highest streak among all other 3rd place contestant) :trophy:

Top 3 highest scorers :-

  1. ShivHanu (7 points) :trophy::trophy::trophy:
  2. MrXYZ (6 points) :trophy::trophy:
  3. AnkitK (5 points) :trophy:




Let me participate.
Code 65feff.
19 days current streak.

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@aapoorv75 I challenge you for 30 or 45 days
you can decide the no. If u accept my challenge
Code : iiman4
20 M
Current and Highest streak :42

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@aapoorv75 I like to challenge you. How many days do you like?
Sharing code: izc1ji

Current: 84D
Highest: 84D
Age: 28
Gender: M
Location: Philippines


@M0stafaAE I like to challenge you for 30 Days
Sharing code: izc1ji

Current: 84D
Highest: 84D
Age: 28
Gender: M
Location: Philippines

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I accept your challenge!! Let’s go for 30 days
Let’s see who is a better fighter!!


@Edsheil27 According to the 2nd rule you have to challenge another one whose streak is greater than yours.
Also i can’t engage in more than 1 challenge as @aapoorv75 accepted mine.

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Just make a challenge to someone, keeping the rules in mind. If they accept your challenge, you are a part of the competition

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Ok mate. Im waiting for challengers

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I want to challenge @udi

I give you a challenge of 90 days on hard mode.

Lets do it.



According to the rules, you can atmax challenge 90 days. @Resurrection and @udi can discuss it that whether they want to go for 90 or less. Please do the read the rules careful for any clarification and ask if any confusion

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Open challenge

I’m on day 13

Is there anyone here who can take a 180-day challenge from me?


Yeah ! I’m here bro. I accept your challenge… Let’s start :muscle::muscle:
Sharing code : 4fcb57com-resize


@BruceLee and @17ripu.jhala according to the rules you can only challenge for atmax 90 days. But I would suggest you guys to start with something less like 21 or 30 or 40 etc. It’s your choice then, within the above specifed limits. Ping me when you guys arrive at a decision and I will add you to the scoreboard

Please read all the rules mentioned on page1. They are important and to be followed at all times. No exceptions!!

@17ripu.jhala and @BruceLee are ready for 90 day challenge
You can add us on scoreboard

BruceLee (9ddeb0) :crossed_swords: VS :crossed_swords:17ripu.jhala (4fcb57)


Brother I accept your challenge!
But make sure to give me a kickass fight…
Time to fill our balls.

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Hahahahaha @aapoorv75
Add me & udi to the scoreboard.

@udi share your code plz.


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Sharing Code- ccec0e