Challenge a companion

@aapoorv75 Glad to know you are back as the incharge of this group :smiley:

This thread has helped me a lot earlier, and I’m very excited for the new season… Thanks for your efforts bro :hugs:

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I would like to actively participate this time. Last time after string of relapses thought of taking some time off. Much more determined now to go longer.

I will write the rules of the new tournament by the end of this week and we will start it from upcoming Monday. It’s going to be more fun and interesting this time.


Waiting for it brother

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Apoorv we are waiting

After the conclusion of the Season 1, we now proceed to Season 2 as promised.
This time, unlike the last time, we will be having teams that will compete against each other. This will help not only one but several companions at the same time.
Let’s get to the rules of this season:-

  1. Teams consist of 3 members. 1 member’s streak should be between 1-15 days, 2nd member should be between 15-45 days. 3rd member should be above 45days. Remember guys, this rule is to ensure balance between all teams.

  2. The challenge will go on like this:-
    i. The member of the lowest streak of
    one team will be up against the lowest
    streak member of other team.

ii. The match is concluded when:- The
highest streak member of one of the
team looses or 2 other members of the
team looses.

  1. The points will be awarded as such:-
    i. If the highest streak member looses,
    straight victory of other team with 3
    ii. If the lowest streak member looses,
    1 point is awarded. 2 points if the middle
    streak member looses.

iii. If all the members are defeated, the
other team gets a “full house” and 10
points straight.

  1. Negative points will be given as follows:-
    i. If lower/middle streak member looses,
    -1 point is given. If second member
    (middle/lower) looses, -2 points is
    ii. If all of the members looses, straight -6
    points given. If only the highest streak
    member looses, -3 point is given.

  2. After all the teams are formed, challenges can be made.

  3. There is no elimination, the team with highest point by the end of season wins.

  4. Once a team is formed, it cannot be charged till the end of the season, unless a team member leaves this challenge or competition.

These rules are subject to change, so read them and understand. Do point out any querries or mistakes.


Wow sounds quite promising

The first week is for team forming and any doubt clearing, regarding the rules. From next week, the matches will start.


If someone wants to become my teammate, please reply.
Our team members: @AnkitK @Invincible_Knight @one more < 15 days streak

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Hey. I want to. I’m also looking for team mates.

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Mine is 234. Yours is 67. This means that we both have 45+ streaks. Hence, wet can’t be teammates according to the rules.

You can add me in your team, current Streak: 25 days


Looking for 2 other guys. Anyone? My current streak is 67 days

My Team:
KarmaYogi (India)
HS - 70
CS - 0
SC- thxmdu

  1. @koylakhadan (India)
    CS - 76
    SC - dc30698

looking for third one.
whose streak is between 15-45
@HE-MAN123 interested ??

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Someone who is on 0-1 day challenge me???


NRVR Done this before LEts go!

What is your current streak?

Looking for one more mate whose streak is between 15-45 days to complete the team.

Let us know if you can join us.

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Also guys, after forming teams, decide a name amongst yourselves.

My team:-

aapoorv75(Brightwarrior) (af92095)
Highest streak:- 139 days
Current streak:- 8 days

sikandar2907 (15mvoc)
Current streak :- 27 days

Looking for a 3rd member with above 45 streak. Ping us for joining


@aapoorv75 I wanna join
My current streak 73 days