Challenge a companion


Up for a 30 day challenge?


And once again, @Invincible_Knight living up to his name and winning over his urges, but sadly not @batish , resulting him in :rotating_light:dager zone​:rotating_light:
Beware @batish , make a wise Challenge and make sure to win it or else you will be eliminated.


Anybody want to compete me for 30 days.
Its last tm… do or die situation for me in this grp
Batish 5499ee0.
Send me ur code also.


@Invincible_Knight has challenged @Natalia for 30 days, starting from 16 Feb 2019 to 18 March 2019

@Invincible_Knight you are in danger zone, you know what that means. May both of you be the winners.
Let’s go!


@blackbull has registered his first lose, and that against @MrXYZ
Keep challenging gus!


Hey @MrXYZ do u want to compete wd me for 10, 20 30 days as u wish.


All right @batish, let’s go. I’d take up a challenge of any number of days.
Sharing code - 7b48bd


How you doing fighter???

It day 3 for both of us. Just 1 week remaining.

Keep the excitement high…

And let’s kill this challenge together…



Then compete for 30 days.
Add me 5499ee0
I wish we both reach at & above from 30.
@aapoorv75 i find my competetr.
I know its my last chance.


Ya I’m not gonna give up, and you too remember…we have to finish this challenge together :facepunch: :+1: @Aragorn


@batish challenged @MrXYZ for 30 days from 16 Feb 2019 to 18 March 2019

Remember guys, you both can be winners. The only one that has to loose is your addiction.


What is your sharing code?
Mine is rh4exw


30 days from now.
Added you man. @batish


Yes, my sharing code is – i1w3hx
@aapoorv75, me and @BoomerangNebula going for a 30 day challenge from 16th Feb 2019. Please add.

Current streak - 1
Highest streak - 134
Location - IN


Apparently, @Warriors_Journey 's counter shows 2 days. Meanwhile, our challenge started 3 days ago. I guess he relapsed few hours after our challenge started.

@aapoorv75 Make a judge.


@aapoorv75 I and @ShivHanu completed 10 days challenge successfully.


Anyone for 30 days challenge ??


We did very good :metal::muscle::v:


There has been a very important rule addition (Rule no. 11 )

Please go through it and ask if any doubts


@Abhi93 and @BoomerangNebula for 30 days from 16 Feb 2019 :+1: