Challenge a companion


@einar has lost to @Martial_Beast and lost his chance to put/accept further challenges this season as he as been eliminated


I relapsed.
You win this challange @anon32349488 !


@anon32349488 has claimed victory over his urges, but sadly @Hubinho couldn’t.

This is just the start guys, don’t waste anymore time and make a challenge that you will win. Keep going!


@blackbull here it is. - 7b48bd.
@aapoorv75 please take the required steps.


Anybody out here, to recieve my challenge for 10 days?


@blackbull has accepted the challenge by @MrXYZ for 30 days from 12 Feb 2019 to 14 March 2019

@blackbull has registered many victories, @MrXYZ is recovering from a recent fall. Let’s see who persists!


I challenge you for 10 days @Aragorn
Let’s Rise together again :surfing_man:


So I wanna get back on the right track, that is why I just wanna start small.
Open challenge : 10 days
C Streak : 4 d.
H Streak : 61 d.


Yes boss. I accept your challenge.
My sharing code: z12r5l

Me and @Martial_Beast is starting a 10 days challenge. And I will never give up on this. danger zone. So I will play this with all my might.

All the best @Martial_Beast bro. We will rise together.



@Martial_Beast and @Aragorn will fight in a 10 day battle.
As both of them are in danger zone, if anyone relapse, they will be eliminated straightaway.

Let’s hope both of you are winners in this challenge. Best of luck!!


I accept your challenge fam.
Prepare yourself!!!

What’s your code?


Alright bro, let’s win both of us, no matter what, failure is unacceptable
Here’s my code : izqn2t

@aapoorv75 please register this


@Warriors_Journey will fight with @Andra for 10 days from 13 Feb 2019 to 23 Feb 2019

Let’s go!!


Unfortunately @_KarmaYogi has relapsed in the final phase of the challenge. Make the necessary changes.


Can I participate in a fresh challenge?


Sry i lost my fight to @Invincible_Knight


Rise again brother, I’m with you, make a strong comeback :muscle:
You can do this, you are stronger than your addiction :facepunch: @batish


@Natalia I challenge you for 30 days…


Oooh! We have a challenger!
Let’s do this @Invincible_Knight :smile:
What’s your code? Mine’s dkpt8h


@aapoorv75 I relapsed today n @MrXYZ won this fight