Challenge a companion


@mohammadsohail663 will compete against @srubio for 20 days starting from 10 Feb 2019 to 2 March 2019


Why don’t you add gif to your announcements nowadays?,… that was cool though @aapoorv75


Nowadays I am pretty busy because of that I just couldn’t find the time to spend much on this app, but I will try my best.


@aapoorv75 Aoshigreen has reset the counter


Anyone here who accept 30 days challenge??


@BruceLee has beaten @Aoshigreen to the ground and registered his first victory. I knew you can do it bro, keep Challenging :facepunch:


If it is sorted by points, it will be better, what do you think about it


WinnerMan Relapsed yesterday so I challenge you!


Yes it would be good, but points keep on changing so that’s why I thought it’s better to do it in the end of season.


You should have informed in the group yesterday that your challenger relapsed. Anyways, I made the changes.

@weir has registered his first victory over @Winnerarman

You are in the danger zone @Winnerarman, tread lightly.


@brucelee I challenge you for 30 days. That is if you haven’t made up your mind to take up @weir 's challenge.


Challenge accepted @weir Let’s go for 30 days…
Code 628z28

@weir and @BruceLee are ready for 30 days challenge
@aapoorv75 You can add us on scoreboard


Sorry bro… next time I’ll take a challenge from you


@weir will take on @BruceLee for 30 days from 11 Feb 2019 to 13 March 2019


Let’s get started bro my code; b5m3hr
Currently : 52 days
Highest : 58 days


Thats cool with me.
See ya next time pal.


Is anybody up for 30 day challenge?

(I won’t be able to come up online until tomorrow evening. If someone’s up for it I request some cooperation. Thanks)


I’ll take up this challenge… my sharing code 540mzf

give me yours … @MrXYZ


Sorry to say, my friend @einar resetted his counter…


Anybody here to recieve a small 10 days challenge from myside?