Challenge a companion


Anyone wants to indulge in a challange?


@srubio Let’s compete for 10 more days :muscle: Brother…
Are you ready for this Challenge…


I challenge you for 10 days @ShivHanu


@NEW_CHALLENGER Let’s go step by step! I would like but I want to set me small goals to have more motivation. Let’s do it!! Only 10 days more to win the challange.:muscle::muscle:


Plz share ur code
Mine is aaikaq
@aapoorv75… Update our challange. (Feb22- march 4) @Martial_Beast vs @ShivHanu


@Martial_Beast will take on @ShivHanu for 10 days from 22 Feb 2019 to 4 March 2019

Best of luck guys!!


I challenge @swesy, but I don’t know if their longest streak is longer than mine (7 days). I challenge them to 10 days. What do you say, @swesy?


Sry bro i lost to mr xyz


You have been eliminated from this season on account of your 3 loses.


Bring it on @MJ2019
Highest streak: 4d
Current steak: 2d
sharing code: ah9w1o

See you at 10 days :+1:
We got this.


I never expected you to relapse. Make sure that you get up and fight even harder. Keep fighting brother.


Awesome, thanks, @swesy!


Sorry @NEW_CHALLENGER I failed :cry::pensive: @aapoorv75 We have a winner.


@srubio No problem brother… Start a New journey…


@aapoorv75 I would like to Challenge for 30 days…
Is there any one??


I’ll take up your challenge @NEW_CHALLENGER. Btw could we just keep the number of days at 10? (I wouldn’t mind if you 'll have it otherwise.)


@MrXYZ… Let’s compete for 15 days…
@aapoorv75 set the challenge…


Mine is 0hlnku
Current streak 7 days
I want to participate in this f8…any body want to challenge higher streak than mine…


I have made all the required changes to the scoreboard.


@NEW_CHALLENGER I just realised that I don’t have your sharing code :sweat_smile:.