Challenge a companion


I want to challenge op of this thread @aapoorv75
Name: weir
Code: b5m3hr
Highest: 58days
Current: 43 days
Gender: Male
Location: India

Challenge for : 90days


Okay. LETS BEGIN. Admins pls note.


My rewire code 8osp9b
Winner arman is my rewire name.
Lets do it.


I accepted if you have no problem


No I don’t have any problem
Let’s begin
Challenge Accepted


Ok #90 days challenge,
Start from today.


i like to keep one short goal… so anyone up for 10 days challenge ?


Lets Fight blackbull.
Age 21
Hs 26.
Cs 3

Send me ur code also


@batish: my sharing code 540mzf


@BruceLee who is updating the scoreboard now ?

please update @blackbull n @batish fight for 10 days from today


I would love to but already bet with @Winnerarman for huge 90 days


@ReNeGaDE it was a good challenge. Thanks.


@sikandar2907 I challenge you for 15 days…


Thanks bro you also did well @ReloadingSacks


I have been eliminated, so I won’t be obligible to stay in this challenge any longer. I guess I will just stick Back To Basics 2 from now on.


Anyone up for a challenge with me…i would gladly accept it.


Are you using WhatsApp.
My WP number +1(315)9871053


I challenge you for 15 days @ReNeGaDE
What’s your code btw?
Mine:- xcorcn


Hi anyone up to challenge me
Current streak 0
Highest steak 67
My code:


Name your challenge