Challenge a companion


Challenge accepted @Invincible_Knight
My code is ij36fi


Messaged you on WA do check


@aapoorv75 i have challenged @Invincible_Knight… kindly do the needful



You said it before me :sweat_smile: @Martial_Beast
The same things… except the challenging.


@aapoorv75 welcome back… n please update the score card with @blackbull n @batish match for 10 days … started 3rd Feb … to 13th Feb


I have updated the challenges for:-

  1. @ReNeGaDE vs @Invincible_Knight
  2. @batish vs @blackbull
    Thanks to all for taking care of this group while I was on “vacation”. Thanks for keeping up the spirit.
    Let’s get back to work!


@M0stafaAE congratulations bro and I am happy that our Challenge ended with us both being winners. It was a pleasure to compete with you.


I wanna make a challenge.

I don’t know what your code is,
I don’t know if your on NoPMO,
But if you are,
I will find you and I will challenge you.

I am talking about the man, the myth, the legend,


@aapoorv75 its just a suggestion

That u may change the rules about the danger zone…like i am in danger zone n i have won 3 battles…i won the last one…n if i win this m on streak of 2 victories then there should be some changes about being eliminated from the match



Danger zone ensures that the person who is in it, will take more caution in future Challenges and will not get any relief because of wins. Loosing is not an option. Sorry, but the rules are fine and necessary to bring out the best in us.


Hi, anyone for 15 days challenge ???
Current streak 0
Highest steak 67
My code:


15 day challenge
Follow back


I’m on NoPMO, I relapsed recently though (currently i’m 54th day I think). I’ll generate a new sharing code and send you. My main account will keeping showing all kinds of streaks numbers because I tend to test the app with it.


Sure bro, I eagerly waiting for this challenge :grin:


Should we go for 51 days?
My share code:- af92095
Current streak :- 100 days

(P.S.:- Pls do go through the rules and ask if any doubts)


Lets go for 46 days, I’ll reach day 100 on 46th day then.


So it’s done!
Please share your code and I will make it official


@apoorv75 I and @boomerangNebula for 15 days


@_KarmaYogi challenge against @boomerangNebula for 15 days starting from 4 Feb 2019 to 19 Feb 2019

Keep checking each others streaks as it is your responsibility to call the relapses.


Anybody for a 10 days challenge

Current Streak :5 days
Sharing code : buu977