Challenge a companion


Accepted challenge @ReloadingSacks


Me (@ReloadingSacks) takes a initial 10 day trip of NoFap journey accompanied by @ReNeGaDE to wash off the shame, get healed and cleansed from dirty thoughts.

Challenge will last since 30 Jan 2019 to 9 Feb 2019.


Accepted the challenge


Sorry, I have made a challenge with @ReNeGaDE already, but anybody who is willing to challenge you will most prolly post here. Give it some time and somebody will respond it.

Guys, @Viijayy is open for a challenge (10 days right?).


ATTENTION EVERYONE!! The owner of this group got banned for some days. Please edit the scoreboard yourself until then.


Add me guys been trying for so long. But now I’m gonna do it.


@Viijayy I’ve heard you’r up for a 10 day challenge. I’m in. Let’s do this!!
Charing code: 13ff8c


why suspension ? did I miss anything ?


Sir brother my sharing code is 2b3e8f7


Bro your streak is pretty good.
I am down for 90 days challenge.
Current streak 25 days.
Longest streak 43 days.
code - mezk38
Age 23
Location - India


I added us to the scoreboard :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you brother, all the best


Thanks for the challenge brother. But I’m already indulged in a 10 days Challenge given by ShivHanu. So the rules of the group doesn’t allow me to accept ur challenge. :blush: Best of luck.


Ha toh jab woh challenge khatm ho jaye, tab shuru Kar dena.


Yeah sure why not. :blush::v:


@aapoorv75 i know you are suspended now, but our challenge ends today with a draw, you gave a good fight and i hope you stay strong forever💪.
This challenge has helped me alot to overcome alot of strong urges, Thank you :heart:.


I want to participate. Please include me

Name : AG93
Companion code: 3ab84c
Highest Streak: 113
Current Streak: 113


I challenge you to 10 days. SC : 3ab84c


Any one here for February challenge???


I accepted. Lets do it