Challenge a companion


@erick109 lets compete…but plz gv me ur rewire companion code…
Mine is 5499ee0


Anyone up for a 10 day challenge?


@bezeq I challange you!


Do you mean me or Erick?


Ok bro. We will compete send me ur code


My code is hmf9bc

Lets do it.

@aapoorv75 I’ve found a challenger


@ReloadingSacks will go one more time, this time against @batish for 10 days from 27 Jan 2019 to 6 Feb 2019



challenge accepted!!


@bezeq how many days do you want to compete? Is it okay if we compete for 14 days?


Anybody willing to compete? Its a bit difficult to find people with longer streaks since already on day 115. Hence the open challenge.


@aapoorv75 I have a doubt…If someone challenges for 50+ days, but won before 50 days (let’s say after 20 days due to relapse of his opponent), then how many points will he get? 3 or 1?:thinking:


They will get 1 point as the challenge was concluded before 30 days. If Concluded after 30 but before 50, then 2 points and so on.


@Natalia I’m sorry, I failed.
@aapoorv75 update the scoreboard


Ok , 14 days is a Good challenge!!


@aapoorv75 We have a challange!! @bezeq and me, will compete for 14 days.


I want to throw in an open challange for 90 days
I’m currently on day 22 days
Sharing code: mezk38

If you want, from today onwards, count can be started from 0.


I challenge you to 60 days,
Current streak - 22 days
Highest streak - 43 days

Sharing code - mezk38
Location - Delhi


I am currently engaged in other challenge, which will be over by 31 Jan 2019. You can challenge someone else. Please be advised, the rules are on page 1, don’t forget to go through them and understand each and every one of them.


No need to change your nofap counter.


@aapoorv75 I failed to resist the urges😩, @MrXYZ you won the challenge brother…