Challenge a companion


@Invincible_Knight has thrown his sword and made @MrXYZ victor.

@Invincible_Knight be advised, you are in danger zone now


@Special_Bird I challenge you for 15 days…


Can someone challenge me ?
I’m on hard mode.

Sharing code- 85626d
Current streak- 84 days
Highest streak- 143 days
Age- 22
Sex- Male
Location- India


@aapoorv75@Aragorn has relapsed which makes me the winner of the challange.

@Aragorn u have given in to the urge too soon buddy… Try to do better this time… I know u can push beyond 90. Have faith in urself.


I can challange u brother… But I want to indulge in a challange of less no of days… Like a 10 day challange… @Rockstaa do let me know if its OK with u.


I’m okay with any number of days. :v:


OK brother
@aapoorv75@Rockstaa and I have decided to challange each other for 10 days.
Plz update our challange in the scoreboard.


My sharing code is aaikaq


@Aragorn you are in the Danger zone.


Challenge accepted :+1:


@aapoorv75…Me and @Special_Bird are ready for 15 days challenge…


@Invincible_Knight vs @Special_Bird for 15 days from 29 Jan 2019 to 13 Feb 2019


I feel bad to see you fall so soon @Invincible_Knight. Make sure you bring yourself up. Keep fighting brother. I hope to see you soon, fighting along with me.


@batish you won. I’ve kept my relapse in secret for entire day to update it on the evening. I’m in danger zone I know @aapoorv75.

However I will try one last time.

It would be either @heifi, @einar or @Erick109. One of these guys - 10 days challenge.


Dang it… You win :confused:

The urge has been keeping me up every night. So freaking annoying.

But I’m not giving up, give me a rematch! This attempt was pathetic and I know I can give you a better challenge. You up for it?


Alright I’m challenging @Resurgent for 10 days. We are stuck on this forum and permanent relapse cycle for way too long.

Lets start it small to wash off the shame and accelerate our initial reboot story a bit.

@aapoorv75 got suspended, so only if you @Resurgent accept my challenge request I will post it in this thread and update OP’s post.


Sorry to hear about your relapse brother @Special_Bird, but as per rule no. 8, I can’t accept your another challenge right now…, you can challenge someone else…Best of luck for your future challenges :+1:


Is anybody up for a challenge?


The admin said you can’t create groups, but participation is allowed.

@aapoorv75’s is one from two (beyond NoFap Champion 2019) which are the most popular on this forum and this is why I chose it.

I think that group oversaturation is bad due the fact community got splitted and that’s why I don’t create groups.

Dude, don’t overthink about what he said on this forum. It really doesn’t matter.

I just thought it would be good challenge between us, knowing past experiences nces to finally our streaks going. Anyway, it’s up to you whether yo are willing to accept it or not. If it’s not you, I can choose someone else - @MrXYZ for example (10 days).


Okay, then I choose ONE of the users below for 10 day challenge: