Challenge a companion


Challenge accepted. Will you update the scoreboard for me?


@ReloadingSacks will fight together with @NewRebooter for 10 days starting from 25 Jan 2019 to 4 Feb 2019 against the common enemy, PMO.
Are you ready brothers to fight?


@NewRebooter @ReloadingSacks please do read all the rules mentioned on page 1 and understand them, ask if any doubts.


@Forerunner I challenge you to a 30 days challenge, if you are interested.


Ok, I get it. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Good luck and be strong @NewRebooter We got this.


I get it too. We’ll do this! @ReloadingSacks
Just send me a PM when life’s hard.


@Warriors_Journey Sure brother, I accept your 30 day challenge.


@Forerunner great brother, let’s do it
@aapoorv75 please note this…
A 30-days challenge


I’m on 7 days. Does that make me a worthy opponent?


@Warriors_Journey will take on @Forerunner for 30 days from 26 Jan 2019 to 25 February 2019


Most definitely :blush:
I’ll let you decide the length of the challenge. Let’s do this :grin:
Let’s both of us win this


How about 30 days; Jan 26 to Feb 25. Is that alright?


I appreciate your enthusiasm, but ask this yourself, can you even hold on for 10 days?
My advice is go for something small, then it’s your call.


You’re right. I kinda felt like I had to go the extra mile but ten days is better. What say @einar?


@NewRebooter you won. I couldn’t resist the urge. I came back to weekend binging. That’s depressing when I take into account I had one week streak.

@aapoorv75 you can update results. Am I still eligible to challenge @NewRebooter again?


@aapoorv75 we have a challenge :grin:
Me against @Natalia for 10 days. Let there be victory!
Btw I need your Charing code Natalia.
Mine is 13ff8c


@ReloadingSacks has thrown his sword making @NewRebooter the winner of this challenge.


@ReloadingSacks not before at least 2 other challenges.


It’s on!
My sharing code is dkpt8h.
This is one competition where I’m not eager to win, both of us have to do this. And I’m grateful for the accountability. Thanks!


@Natalia will try her luck against @einar in a 10 days challenge from 26 Jan 2019 to 5 Feb 2019



Calling @batish or @Erick109 for a 10 day challenge.