Challenge a companion


Challenge accepted @Invincible_Knight.
Just don’t fall anytime soon. Give me a good fight. Let us both be victorious. :blush:
My code-7b48bd


@anon32349488 I’m ready for 90 days :wink:


Ready. What should I do? Only add your code?


I edited post with challanges. I think that’s all for now :wink:
Let the better one win!


@MrXYZ I am not going to give up this time, be Ready for the tough fight👍
@aapoorv75 we are ready for 35 days challenge…


@ShivHanu u win…
I relapsed


@udi…dont worry bro… Rise again and this time cross 50.
@aapoorv75 do the needful please.


@Aragorn… R u up for a 10-15 days challange?
Or anyone else… Want to compete for a 10-15 days challange?


Yes am in. Let’s make it small. 10 days.


Done than brother… @aapoorv75 @aragorn and me have decided to challange each other for a 10 day challange.
May both of us with this battle.


@udi has been knocked out by @ShivHanu


@ShivHanu has made a challenge to @aragorn for 10 days from 24 Jan 2019 to 3 Feb 2019. @ShivHanu has recently registered his first victory, [email protected] is looking for a comeback. Let’s see who persists.



@MrXYZ and @Invincible_Knight are locked for 35 days from 24 Jan 2019 to 28 Feb 2019
Get ready for this fight guys!!


Season Elimination: @hellojaani

@blackbull you win man

@aapoorv75 update the boards please

thanks for the opportunity,
I wasn’t up for it this time

but onwards I march!

all the best


@hellojaani has been put down by @blackbull

According to the rules, @hellojaani has lost 3 challenges and hence eliminated from this season.

You gave a good fight bro, hope to see you strong in next season


@aapoorv75 Unfortunately my brother @Warriors_Journey relapsed, but I know he will rise again & will make a historical comeback👊

Btw he given me a good fight & it is only due to this challenge that my current streak is 17 days (which is also my highest streak in 7 months of Nofap Journey)


@Martial_Beast has taken the upper hand in the Challenge against @Warriors_Journey
It is good to know that @Martial_Beast is getting benefit from this challenge. Remember bro, you are on the edge. One lose and you are out of the season.

Good luck for your future Challenges👍


Day 0. I need alternative approach.


Then make a challenge.

Fear of loosing is the best motivator


Challenging @NewRebooter for 10 day streak.

Optionally @Warriors_Journey, but he’s 4hrs in, when I’m 14 hrs in. Dunno if hrs difference mean anything.