Challenge a companion


@aapoorv75 you can enter this new challenge. @blackbull vs @hellojaani for 30 days


@blackbull and @hellojaani locked in for a challenge for 30 days from 21 Jan 2019 to 20 Feb 2019. @hellojaani has already taken 2 blows, one more and he is out of this season. Get ready boys, it’s game time!


My challenger @ReNeGaDE has relapsed.


Seriously man @ReNeGaDE! I thought that you would give me a good fight. What happened?


@ReNeGaDE has dropped the sword and has taken yet another blow, this time by @MrXYZ

You are in the danger zone now @ReNeGaDE. Any more lose in Challenge will result in immediate elimination from this season. Rise up, don’t be afraid, make Challenge and win it. I know you can, you had 2 victories in the start. I know you can do it.


:joy::joy::joy: That gif tho! Hilarious!


Is anybody up for a challenge?


I challenge u for 35 days…@MrXYZ
What’s ur code?
My code: 797302


Who want to challenges me? (90 days)
My code: acn6cu


@Martial_Beast and @Warriors_Journey your Challenge is coming to a conclusion soon. Both of you hold on and be winners together. But if one of you do relapse, make sure to call them out.


@aapoorv75 even your challenge with @M0stafaAE is coming to conclusion soon…& I think both of you will emerge victorious💪
Stay Strong brothers :facepunch:


@aapoorv75 I’m am very sad to say that my friend @koylakhadan has relapsed. He did a great job and almost made it. I’m proud of you brother.


His name on the scoreboard is raghunandanpareek


@udi u r not active on the forum… U have been removed from one of the challanges also… Is ur streak intact?
@aapoorv75 is there a rule about activity/inactivity in the challanges.?


38 days passed and only 7 days left


@koylakhadan has lost his battle against @einar.


Actually there are no rules against inactivity, but after this challenge, @udi will face trouble getting challengers as he doesn’t wanna participate much.


Yes brother, we will both be champions.:facepunch::v:


I hope he hasn’t relapsed :joy:


I want to throw in an open challange for 30 days
I’m currently on day 29
Charing code: 13ff8c