Break your Limits Challenge (ENTRIES OPEN)

I’m gonna keep this simple, as the name suggests, this challenge is for breaking your limits and believing in yourself. Whatever you think your limit is, 3 days or 30 days, doesn’t matter, you are going to challenge yourself and break your limits. You are going to go on a journey in which you will have hope in your heart and try your best , you are gonna challenge your limits, endure the pain and become a better version of yourself. And we are all here to support you. :100::smile:

To participate, just mention your account name and your highest recent streak. Checking in everyday is recommended to keep you on tracks. Posting tips and helpful videos is appreciated.

Edit: I’m taking a break. To take part in this challenge, just add yourself or just start posting. No need to add yourself, you are already part of this challenge.



  1. iNeverGiveup420
  2. Binocular
  3. LosTman14
  4. prince_king
  5. Adioz
  6. redFalcon
  7. mwangi_i.verse
  8. Fadah
  9. nhkbmk7
  10. Faisal11
  11. basanaruga
  12. Abdelhak
  13. Rocky101
  14. Usman10891
  15. Toby
  16. madara00
  17. Icywill
  18. SrSam
  19. Dopaminedetox5656
  20. JasonBourne2007
  21. RiftCha
  22. letsdoitthistym
  23. Mahesh27_03
  24. wool
  25. Themetaleye
  26. Lucah
  27. piyushchandak
  28. nhkbmk7
  29. JargVhuaVhua001
  30. freeatlast2024
  31. ummam
  32. The_Struggler
  33. kailash.lonewolf
  34. rajameghanan
  35. srinjo
  36. dr.vikas
  37. The_Rising_One
  38. DARSHAN2017
  39. The_Brave_Pilot
  40. radhe1
  41. StrongHealthyMan
  42. anon24454256
  43. na10101
  45. BillWakabi23
  46. Meluhan
  47. urges
  48. ifti
  49. Amadwali-CA
  50. betterversionofmyself
  51. preciousfidelis4
  52. Crskay
  53. anon33492244
  54. Forerunner
  55. @stormstreak
  56. @anonymous.kid15
  57. @DMAN77
  58. @Siul08adre
  59. @InSearchOfGod
  60. @exudeconfidence1
  61. @Aaybee1992
  62. @MegatronX
  63. @TryntoWin
  64. @collidesky06

So, I’m iNeverGiveup420 , I’m 27 years old and my recent highest streak is only 5 days. Although my highest was 101 days but that was 2 years ago.

I just want to change my life. I’m overweight. I have zero discipline. I waste my time in instant gratifications. I’m super depressed and I’m tired of living like this. I want to be proud of myself. I want to become a better person. That’s why I’ve decided to do something about it.

I’ve decided to forgo these instant gratifications. No more PMO and cheap entertainment from screen. I’ll work hard and embrace the discomfort. I know I have failed countless times but i only fail if I admit my defeat.

With hope and persistence, anyone can achieve their goals. So …let’s do this!!!


I’m @Binocular, I’m 16 years old and my highest streak is 21 days. My current is 12 days.
I never experienced the 4th week in my life. But that’s not my goal. My goal is to break free once and for all.
I will consider these 3 weeks as a warm up for the next upcoming days. I will stop counting days after that.
So anyways, I’m in. Let’s shatter our limits and go even further beyond!


I am LosTman14, I am 19 years old and my current and highest streak is 98 days.
I want to improve myself.I am not a discipline guy but I want to change this time I want to know what exactly discipline means and how discipline feels like.
I want do what I want to do in my life and what I want to be in my life .I know I have to start alone no human is gonna help me theirs only one my GOD whom I can keep trust,hope and surrender everything to him.He will guide me,show me the path,just I have to
Put my efford and he is their for me


My highest streak is 94 days. I broke my 87 days streak last month and it was very hurtful. I wanted to complete 100 days first time in my life.

My current streak is 12 days.


I m @redFalcon
My last highest maybe 58 days a year ago.
This year my highest 35 days.
So i want to break both of my Limits this time & want to start a fresh new year.


Welcome guys :smiley:. I have added you all. I’m happy to see so many people who want to be better. Let’s support each other in achieving the goals. I am confident that we will emerge victorious from this challenge.
Best of luck everyone :+1:


Because of schedule it’s difficult to check-in daily. Is it ok?


My name is @StalkersNF , I’m 21 years old. My longest period that I have recorded is 25 days. Now I’m stuck in weeks, I want to break the month barrier.


I am @mwangi_i.verse the highest I’ve had is almost 7months .Right now am at day 3 and I’ll conquer this forever


Welcome to the challenge bro. Let’s do this!


I am @Fadah a 18 year old lad.My highest streak in this app is 15 days.
Current Streak is 2 days not stopping now and I will not Fall this time


I added u @Fadah .Welcome aboard mate. Best of luck :100:


Check in Day 1

Feels good after successfully completing the day’s targets. Started Studying for exams and controlled my diet. Also, I was successful in resisting old habits of watching TV series. With lack of high dopamine activities, life feels a little dull. So I started reading a novel in my free time. It will help avoid triggers from screen.


Check in Day 1.


If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.