Any Christians?


@josh747shin @xplore527 I added both of you. My code: 9f8cef. Add me too, let’s fight the good battle together!


Hey guys!

I wanna share whith you this website:


I am Christian. I am doing this for faith based reasons. Sharing code 72c4e8
Current steak - 4 days
Highest steak - 954 days

Add me. I love to chat about the Bible, etc. I have been fighting this fight since I was 25. I am 54 and tired of falling.


I am in NE disable, single, alone.


Loud Harp - Immanuel is a beautiful Chrstian song. If anyone’s looking for beautiful Christ exalting music this group makes awesome stuff.


They also really express the hurt that a lot of believers experience. Just thought some of you would enjoy their stuff. God bless you all!


Ok I’ve added you to my companion list


The start is always the hardest, don’t give up, trust me, it gets easier overtime, never easy, but easier, lean on God and fight on!!


I just failed… pray for me please


Praying for you dude. Remember His mercies are new every morning


@edward.escamilla I’ll check it out!
I really like:
Eddie James - Let it Rain
Micah Tyler - Different
Eddie James - Breakthrough


@Philippians413 I added you. You are not alone in this. We are standing with you. No more wasted years. Today is the day. Everyday we recommit to living pure lives.
My code is a9bda8


@CaptainMan The Captain has fallen and been demoted. Soldiers keep marching forward and fight!!!


@jslee132 beautiful songs brother. Check out
Loud harp - steady
Rivers & robots - shepard of my soul


@Philippians413 Don’t be so quick to give in! Do what it takes to keep yourself from falling. If its a nap, exercise, eat, read or listen to the bible, or even fast and pray. Time to get back up!!!


@edward.escamilla Interesting songs brother! Thank you. Here is another one.
Gateway Worship - Alabaster Jar


I’ll check it out in a bit.
Check this video out, this is the saddest video i’ve ever seen oh how badly our king was treated. All glory be to him!


I just completed 7 Days on this streak and that’s the first time since a long time. Join you all in this battle has been very good for me, because see all of you standing up on the companions list is very motivational for me. Thank you, brothers! Pray for me, my next goal is 21 Days.


Hey Everyone, I’m Christian. I need help to stop. My code is abf55b
Current steak - 17 days
Highest steak - 17 days
I want to sanctify myself to have a wonderful marriage, one day, in the presence of the Lord. I am 21 and I have fought against masturbation since 12/13 years.
Sorry, my first language isn’t English. I’m Brazilian.:brazil:


@Kinhus I added you, my code is: 9f8cef
Honremos nossa pátria!