Any Christians?


Can I join the whatsapp group too?


Yeah. Add Me too.I too have been addicted to pornography for 12 years and now I am trying to get out of it.


@ciapparelliluigi0 @tim_max and @albin.siby1 Are you guys Christian? Do you believe Jesus is God’s Son who died for your sins on the cross? This is a thread for believers.


Absolutely, I’m a born again Christian


Yes man, I am Christian Catholic


@ciapparelliluigi0 my apologies! Welcome! @tim_max very happy to meet you. There is power when we stand together.


Man I want you to watch my diary because I have a little experience to share with you bro! :+1:
Let’s go through together. a271ff


@ciapparelliluigi0 thank you! Welcome brother!
My code is a9bda8


16 Days. Today marks my longest streak in a long time. Ever since day 14 it’s been a horrible battle every day, sometimes not even knowing if I was going to make it. I’m still going and it can only be because of God. Thank you team for going with me through this. I check daily and often to see how you guys are doing. When I see you guys not giving up and fighting the good fight, it gives me strength and makes me remember that I’m not alone and we will get through this together. We are all soldiers. Our actions influence one another and when we stand to fight and say no to the devil, we also encourage one another. Thank you everyone for fighting. I am so happy to be standing with you all!


We’ll beat this brother. We just need to keep fighting the good fight. I also check up on things here and you in particular i feel a connection to for some reason. God must’ve brought us together! :slight_smile: Let’s get to 20 i’m 5 days behind ya. God bless.


And here I am again, 4 Days completed! Pray for me, brethren!!! My next goal is 7 Days, then 21, then 50, and the rest of my life!!!


Hey everyone, is there a whatsapp group?


God has given us the victory. I am on my longest streak now. Sometimes it’s a battle everyday, every hour. @brasileiro great job man!
@stale even though you have fallen, don’t stay down. It’s time to rededicate yourself to resisting the devil. We can make it together!


God has given us the power of choice. Now we are in front a life’s choice. Good or bad? Pleasure or Heaven? It is a choice… God will love you anyway but you can choose if you love god or you love pleasure… It is only your choice… This choice that you have to take will determine who you will become no matter who you are. Jesus died suffering a lot… Can’t you just refuse little temporary pleasures? You can take pleasure from the entire life… Taking a deep breath, watching the nature and how much is colorfully and beautiful, just enjoy every shade of you wonderfully life :innocent:


There is, but I didn’t start it


Hey, I’m a Christian too

Currently on my highest streak

102 days


Hey! Nice to meet you. I added you.
My code is a9bda8
Congrats on 102 day streak!!!


Nicely done. You’ve built up alot of discipline and self-control. Good for you man. Welcome and God bless.


@jslee132 thanks for looking out for me Bro. I got 7days which was miracle in itself. But i went out and had few beers which is a strong trigger for me. Maybe i need to think about no alcohol for a few months too.


Catholic here. Heres my code 26bd0f