Let's Build An Alpha Family

Sharing code - 1bc9a1
Current streak - 2 days
Highest streak - 2 days
Age - 28
Gender - M
Location - The Philippines

Why I want to create a group: In a way we are together in this journey. Let’s take this opportunity to bond as brothers with a goal of a reboot and then a 1000 days of power. Let’s build this as a family that cares for each other.

To join post your sharing code, age, and location and if you want something about your self.

Looking forward to this brotherhood!


Hey this sounds like great idea we need strong brotherhoods i agree
My current streak is: 129 days
My code is:01e5aa
Looking forward to this


@nagate I appreciate you joining this early! Honored that one of my brother is an Emperor. Cheers for this brotherhood!

Hi im Sal
Code 150d97
Longest streak 10 days
Day 2 im willing to go through this journey and be an alpha

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Welcome to the brotherhood @sal1538! More is stronger in this Alpha journey. Mind if you share your age and location bro?

Ofcoourse sry i forgot
Im 24 from Ethiopia

@caloyfaithful @nagate @sal1538 a family of three! Looking forward to our new bros joining!

@sal1538 cool! Bro @nagate share your age and location too please :slight_smile:

Glad someone like @nagate is here with us cudnt imagine reaching 129 days

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@sal1538 our brother nagate is a very good example of what we can do. Believe we will be emperors too!

Awesome! Love ur attitude bro

My code is 3cbebc

Current streak 7 Days

Longest 30- Days

@NoFapMaster69HD welcome to the family! If it is okay please share with us your age and location :slight_smile:

My sharing code: a0424e
Im 26 from germany. Together we can do this.
My current streak is 6 days.

Absolutely, sorry I forgot.

51rev. Year’s old man
From Slovenia

Excuse my English :man_scientist:

Thanks bro. We are family here so we get inspiration from each other!

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No worries bro! Welcome to our brother hood!

I’m happy that you are now part of the family! Our family is growing and this makes us stronger.

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Rubikscube 480af3 greece 23yrs :slight_smile:

Welcome bro… can u share ur current and longest streak