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stay strong my broo, all we need to do is break new ground. you can do it

day 5, ill give a full account soon but no relapses yet, just finished exams but busy with social events. hows everyone else?

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Yesterday was a terrible day. I relapsed

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Dont worry this problem can be solved bro. Do you know why it is that you keep relapsing? Is there a trigger?

And how are u doing today?

Now on Day 8, all good here. Still busy despite finishing exams. I hope I find the time to write a proper entry

Still on day 0​:neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:
20 charachter fuck

What is your trigger bro? Why do u keep relapsing?

Social media, soft porn

How about you stay away from your triggers such as social media bro? It helps for me

Day 13

All good, no relapses. Have fallen ill recently, so I have not been doing much these past 2 days other than use my phone. I hope I can recover soon.

So far, this is going well. Got a B+ in my medschool exam (jumped 3 grades so thats a big improvement). Fitness wise I am declined, havent been able to be consistent cus of illness. i hope i can get on track soon

The best I can do is a porn blocker.
Xblocker the name of the app
I give keywords and if the app see a keyword it blocks the app

Day 16 relapse

Had a very bad and stressful day today. Relapse just for the fuck of it; now i feel less stressed but i know its not good for me mentally. Youre supposed to face your problems head on and not jerk off or drink alcohol or take drugs like a pussy to cope with them. I can only feel relieved that I didnt give into peer pressure and try alcohol or drugs during my adolescence. Facing your problems head on makes you strong mentally and more competent in functioning in the real world. I am disappointed in myself and heartbroken to see myself cope like this. I have been using unhealthy coping mechanisms since I was a child: I have control issues and latch on quickly to anything that gives me relief. From sugary salty and junk food to video games and now porn.I think it has a lot to do with my childhood; I did not have healthy outlets for stress (friends, supportive parents) leading me to cope this way. Now that I discovered porn it is wrecking my brain. Still, I did manage to improve compared to before. There is hope. Hope everyone else is doing ok

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Day 2 relapse but I called it

Feel very demotivated and sad today for some reason. Felt demotivated to make breakfast because its frustrating to have to eat so much. I have a fast metabolism and its very difficult to keep heavy mass for football while constantly running. Im tired of how my progress always goes in circles; up and down. Today Im truly sick of it; all the injuries and lack of progress. I hate my body too. Idk what to do. Im gonna nap again. I hope after I wake up things will feel better, and I womt be so burnt out and ill be willing to train again

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Best of luck bro.
Why do you hate your body?

Day 6

All good no relapse, but I hate how mediocre I am. I want to improve. Too busy to make a detailed entry now but will do soon.

@TheSeeker how ya doing bro?

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Nice bro. Keep going
I am on day 9. I was sick nowadays but I feel better now

Dude day 9 is great progress I look up to u.

Why u getting sick? Physical withdrawal? And hows things at your place rn?

Im Day 8 and im okay, getting better

Day 12 I am glad to reach this number. We have to going towards

I just had virus

Day 13

no pmo but been very ill these last 3 days; high fever.

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