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Dr Gábor Máté is a hungarian people. I am hungarian too
Well bro, you should use porn blockers

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blockers dont work for me man, I always bypass it

anyway Day 1 and Day 2,

Still clean. No pornography use . I feel more energetic and my schedule is getting back together. Still, the damage is done; and I still run out of motivation to do difficult tasks. I couldn’t finish my full workout today because I got mentally fatigued. Furthermore, I cut my study session short also because of mental fatigue. I know I have to abstain for about 2years+ to undo the 5yrs of damage I’ve done to my brain. Its okay; I made a mistake and now I have to recover. I hope my motivation and my inclination to be more mentally resilient redevelop over time. I also hope I redevelop my other attributes; like my hobbies. Binging porn and social media has made me numb; and made these beneficial hobbies and habits feel dull, leading me to quit. Regular reading, playing musical instruments as well as having a clear head and being able to imagine vividly to name a few


Porn blockers sometimes does not work, but useful

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alright man ill try them @Binocular. Currently I have BlockerX on my desktop


Decent day, no PMO but I did browse porn in the evening. I kept scrolling from video to video to try and find someting to arouse me, but nothing did! Just blindly scrolling through tabs of hardcore stuff until my device eventually died. Porn addiction is based on novelty, and this incident makes me realized how desensetized I am.

It also makes me realize how habit dominated I am. I have noticed I give up to my urges whenever i feel drowsy and bored. I was scrolling mindlessly till I scrolled through 29 pages what the fuck.
Furthermore, just sitting at my study desk again makes me feel back on track and want to continue doing productive work…I now know why all these literature on habit keep telling us to enhance good triggers and suppress bad ones.


I don’t recommend pornographic blockers. You don’t need anyone or anything to block your addiction. You only need yourself cause we all know you can always Uninstall the app anytime.
If you want to find the best version of yourself and master your desires you must decide and take actions for yourself.

I’m sorry to tell you that you relapsed brother. Allow me to explain what PMO means:
It is the cycle of ■■■■ - Masturbation - Orgasm

What you did was giving your brain big doses of dopamine (hormone of pleasure) for a long period of time. By doing that you are damaging your brain and not rewiring at all. I advice you to learn and educate yourself more about your addiction. There are lots of videos and channels on YouTube are made for this issue. You can also read “The easy peasy way to quit ■■■■”. It’s the best book to start with.
Maybe you already know few informations like novelty etc… But there is a lot more to learn in the ocean of knowledge.
I hope this helps.


yk what, youre totally right. Thank you for calling me out bro. I’m not too upset tho, cus ik this is still progress compared to how I was a week ago. At least now I am functional and getting things done.

How is your nofap going btw?


Bro your streak is high wow, congratulations, I added you


I’m in a recovering phase. Currently I’m on day 2. My goal is infinity and I will reach it!

Let’s reach it together :smile::muscle:


Thank you. There are more guys better than me here bro


Day 0

Decent day. No PMO or fucking around on social media (mainly because I was busy). I now know that there’s no point watching porn but not busting, cus dopamine is a craving molecule and released during stimulation of our habit loops and reward pathways, not just during nutting lol. Felt lethargic in the morning (likely due to dopamine bombing yesterday and dehydration from bad water habits), but I have more mental clarity now. I manage to keep my apartment clean and organized. Managed to complete a 3hr study session also; not just lengthy but I also got a lot done (I have no idea when was the last time I managed to stay focused for this long so I am very relieved with this small milestone).

My efforts are starting to bear fruit bit of fruit. Today I did well during a Case Discussion on Amyloid Angiopathy, Alzheimer’s and Vascular Dementia (TLDR: Alzheimer’s increases the risk of developing bleeding in the brain). I managed to contribute and do well mostly because I have FINALLY been learning and digesting content consistently, so I’m not so clueless on whatever diseases we learn about in lectures. This is a big step for me also; its been months since I last stepped into a Case Discussion and even knew what was going on. This makes me realize how much time ive actually been wasting, and that I’ve actually been functioning so ineffectively. I’m now doing to workout (Pull Day - Pullup 20kg) and cook dinner.

Still, I am worried about my exams and my progress. I fear I might not be able to get a decent grade, which is ESPECIALLY important for me since I am in a competitive field.

How did everyone else do today? and do you guys do physical activity / work out also? would love to hear

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Keep your head up. Your mistakes makes you stronger. Just try to avoid that things next time
We should learn from our mistakes.

There is no special here, everything is ok.
I have trained at home but nowadays I don’t have enough time

I also struggle with addiction to YouTube shorts. I can totally relate. let’s right this together!


Hello gents,

Day 1-3 have been good, no relapses!

I dont have time to introspect well at the moment and type a full entry cus im super busy, but ill get back on here once I can; this is important to me.

Hope everyone is fighting hard💪


Rooting 4 u ma brudda

Day 6. Everything is ok. I hope this won’t change

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Day 5 relapse, was embarassed to post this here but I will be truthful. Overall, my life is improving and I am more functional but i fall back into my habits too much. I went back on here to be honest cus you guys are the only ones holding me accountable. My problem is so habit rooted; i started browsing only cus i was staying up at night, if I went to bed early then this wouldnt have happened. Oh well, I’m angry and quite ashamed. I hope this changes


Keep your head up. Just remember, relapse brings sadness. Try again, keep fighting.

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So good of you for sharing. You know, being open and honest about your struggle is the first step towards freedom. Don’t give up. Were in this together!


Day 3 no relapse am feeling alright…ill get back to posting regularly here in 2 days cus my exams tmrw. Hows everyone holding up?

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Day 2
I am sad because of my low streak.
Best of luck bro

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