Accountability partners

Looking for accountability partners.

Sharing code - 1b0zln

Current streak - 1 days
Highest streak - 4 days
Age - 17
Gender - M


Hello bro @TheLost I added your code. Mine is p54vg3. Same age and gender. Current streak 47 days and this is my highest.


Hi there man
I also added you

My code if you want to add me: 4e8x24
Age: 15
Current streak: 16 days
Highest streak is the same as the current one
Gender: M

I broke my record in Nofap by crossing more than 14 days. I also want to see you break your record champ :muscle:


Hello bro.
Okay I add you too.
Sadly I’m on day 1 but I will work harder


Thank you I will do it!
Good luck for you too :muscle:t3:


Let me also add you buddy.
My sharing code is vvbi62
Name: NarutoKun

I’ve added you already
Add me too : 1b0zln

My Max streak is 8 days, since covid.

Earlier I’ve reached 16, I want to break that record.

You should keep goind foward and reach your goal. Never give up and stay strong.

I also added you bro. It was a bit hard adding your code but I g-mailed this code to myself and added you

Why? What was the problem?

That I symbol I didn’t get it quite

Oo I see :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
20 charachter😐

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Hi can i become part of the group also? I just rekapsed 5 mins sgo. I want to change my life this habit is bad

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Hey bro
You can join of course.
Write to me if you want and add me : 1b0zln
By the way I have a topic as well : 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗔𝗻𝗶𝗺𝗲 𝗙𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁 🌩️

Hello @TheLost added you.

Added you back bro :wink:

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thanks man, im not sure how the share code works tho, what do I do with it?

Day 0

Age: 20
Gender: M
Streak: 14d

I relapsed again. That’s two days in a row. I thought I got over this problem a few months ago (where I only had sex and had no need to use pornography), but it has suddenly crept back. Imo porn is a big problem (but sex is mundane and less harmful to our brains), because porn is a HYPERstimulus - much more potent than normal sex; the average 20 year old nowadays has seen more naked women then the most powerful and influential men 100 years ago…

I’ve learned that this addiction is actually a symptom of some deeper underlying problem within ourselves, as per the studies done by many psychologists and healthcare workers. My favorite being the work of Dr Gabor Maté. I am still trying to introspect and understand myself and the root of my compulsive porn usage. One thing is obvious though, I’ve come to the phase where I have started to see women as objects. I have constant fantasies of rage fucking my exes, flings ,even my peers. Just typing it out makes me feel a bit ashamed, like im crazy (does anyone else have this? are these thoughts normal?). Sad but true. I think this is because I am sooo desensetized by my usage, and it has got to an extreme level.

Lately my sleep and productivity have been suffering. I sleep at 4 and wake up at 12pm. My circadian rhythm is thrown off completely because of my use. Pornography and social media keeps me up at night (I justify by saying that doing it will help me sleep well, but I end up feeling more lethargic in the mornings). It has gotten to the point where even if I head to bed early, I cannot fall asleep! Slowly, I fall back into my old ways. I also have a habit of binging Youtube, I am hooked on the YTShorts but Idk how to disable it, and I can’t leave Youtube entirely, cus it helps me a lot with my studies. More on this habit another time I guess.

Lethargy in the morning - I’m not sure if anyone else has this symptom, but my reading tells me it is because I am so desensetized, till the point that my baseline dopamine level is so high and I do not even have enough dopamine and hence motivation to get out of bed; as per Dr Andrew Huberman. I am convinced of this, because my lethargy is completely gone when I go on a streak of nofap for few days. Sometimes the only thing that makes me feel ‘stimulated’ enough to get out of bed is, scrolling social media and PORN AGAIN (more dopamine dumping). Cold showers in the morning help wake me up a lot (dopamine baseline resettin), but these days I don’t even have the motivation to do the cold showers.

This cycle of bad sleep and wasted hours is really damaging, as I am a medical student and I work as a freelance tutor also. I used to play the piano regularly but now my skills are declining. All the goals I set for myself in 2022 are failed, because of my lack of consistency and motivation - which stems from THIS HABIT. I managed to break into my faculty first team for football, after a year of training on my own to recover from a blown knee; but now my athletics is suffering also. I find that recently, I lack motivation and ‘energy’ to run. I track my stamina improvements using a graph and that too, is dropping a bit. I’ve been trying to gain a lot of muscle for my football (and also to look better), but my fitness stats have been in limbo; I’m not improving. I feel like a loser. I’m sharing all this because such is my state; I feel like I have a lot of potential as a human being but I truly am wasting it. Is anyone else experiencing this?

My academics are completely fucked because of this; I’m not sure if I can excel because the constant time wasting and lack of motivation have created a BIG backlog of stuff I need to cover, and I am now cramming for my assessments. I might just fail medical school too. I feel quite ashamed to admit this even anonymously; that I aspire to be a healthcare worker yet am so irresponsible.

I get completely out of it when I am in these phases of abuse and hyperstimulation. I binge and binge on stimuli (junk food, porn, youtube etc) until I drain myself completely). In these phases, I lack so much motivation. I spend money complacently, I am untidy and unhygienic. There is a big duality in my behavior, “sometimes maybe good sometimes maybe shit (iykyk)”. Does anyone else experience this? How did you manage to be more consistent? I hope we can all help each other, and that I can be more competent and healthy; physically and mentally. I think we all have a lot of potential, we just need to help each other to find it and to beat this drug. I am confiding in this forum because all my social circles are extremely prejudiced and stigmatized; they would only mock and judge me, not actually help me. I hope I can be accepted here, and we can all make progress together as men.

Feel free to discourse and add your thoughts too. I will try to add regular entries here. I hope I can grow less desensitized to women, and I can finally start introspecting as to why I abuse this outlet so much.


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this problem hasnt been going on for just 2 days, it happened 2 days in a row recently, but has been going on for the past 3 months. I have been PMO-ing since 15yrs old, with a 2 month break till October, where ive been addicted for the past 3 months till today.

Thats 5 yrs of damage