Accountability for selfcontrol-dopamine detoxing

Yesterday I planned to get up at 5 am and start studying sincerely by following the schedule I put a day before. But I woke up only at 10am Yesterday. Due to which I lost my Confidence that I won’t be able to complete my portions in the stipulated time. But still I studied upto 8pm. After 8pm I thought I should relax a bit. So I went to whatsapp to see all the messages from morning till evening. Then I opened a movie and thought I should watch an hr before sleep. Although my conscience warned me to sleep I watched the completely and started binge watching and went to sleep at 4:30am. And I woke up again at 10:30am today this cycle of realise, regret, relapse continues for me and the sad thing is I haven’t got up a single day at 5am for the last 150 days. This is disturbing me a lot. Bcoz my aim is to get the gold medal through which I can get a cash prize, which helps my further studies for buying a pc to study. But that gold medal requires a lot of hard work, consistency. Today it’s 12:45 pm here but I haven’t started studying even a page. After each failure everyday, my impulsiveness, laziness increases further bcoz my mind is believing that ‘‘no matter how hard I work I won’t be able to get that gold medal so why are you studying?’’
Everyday my discipline progressively deteriorates and I feel as incompetent. Only 30d more to my exam.
Any advices @JumpingBuddha @Ash_Matt


Bro, discipline is the key, especially for succeeding in these kinds of competitive exams. I believe you have downloaded the alarmy app; there are a lot of features in it. Switch on all those features to not allow your self to get back to sleep.
Go to sleep at the right time. You are sleeping at 4 30 am and complaining about not waking up at 5??
Be serious bro. Understand that no one is coming to help you. This is your life and it is 100% your responsibility to get your shit together. Your parents, friends and everyone will talk positively to you but at the end of the day the war is between you and you. The mediocre you within and the greater one.
Go sleep at the right time bro i.e. by 10 or 9:30 pm.

Plan the next day before you sleep.

Trust me, this is the most important time management tool I’ve come across ever in my life.
Take a piece of paper and write about each hour.
Eg: wake up : 5 am
Brush: 5- 5:15 am
Study: 5-15- 8:00 am.
This will work like magic.
When you write it down there is a huge, very huge chance that you’ll follow through.
It’ll take only 5 mins to plan the next day.
You can do this. Go look in the mirror and call yourself out.
Tell that, this is my life. If I don’t work now; Iam fucked!
Iam falling behind in life now. The responsibility is mine and I’ll do this!!!


Thanks for your reply Tagore. I am in need of friends like you who talk the truth to me.
Can both of us be accountability partners? So that we can daily check our progress and help us each other. Or if you have any idea pls tell about that

Before sleep I write abbot all the tasks I have to complete but I am unable to identify how much time each tasks would take. I even took 1hr in planning and the next day its totally confused, when something goes wrong in the schedule. Today I am going to follow your technique of planning every hr. I will reflect about my progress in my diary.


Here’s the issue.

Same thing with me. I had a lot of communities where I stayed up late, talking with others, or providing reviews to things they asked me about, and just interacting. Or mindlessly playing video games or watching Youtube.

This meant I slept around 2 am on an average, and woke up at 8 generally.

Do you know what I did?
I told all the people there that I was taking a break from those social sites till around June. I am detoxing from all video games till June. On YouTube, I only see the Warrior’s NBA matches or piano videos for reference. All this till June..

Why June?
Till after my exams, that’s why.

I gave it up on Dec 25th, after wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Have not visited the sites since.

Now I sleep around 10:30 and get up between 4 and 4:30.

The brain loves easy dopamine. And, if you’re like me, you lack the self-control to regulate it.

So my advice would be,
Cold-turkey whatever movies or sites you use which are high in dopamine till your exams for which you want the gold medal for are over

That’s what I’m doing. The only things I use now that are remotely close to social media are Rewire Companion, Habitica, and Whatsapp occasionally.

Even then, I have so many distractions.

But my focus is going up, because once you let go of the crutch, you realize you never needed it anyway!

I am planning to get back into those sites a bit, but more regulated, now that I know how, and after I reach my goals.

I do sometimes slip, and once I visited one of the sites, but then I don’t repeat that.

Falling once is a mistake, but falling twice? That’s an error-your fault.

Don’t mean to be rude, but I have been in the same place where you are now. And I’m telling you-just dopamine detox for these 30 days. You will see the difference. After the exam, remember you can binge-watch for a good week/month, no one will ask why.

But before the exam? Eyes on the goal man!

Will you choose to detox? Then we can do accountability daily- I would be glad to do so. But do you want that medal enough do to so?


I am short of words to show gratitude to the Almighty for all these Good people I found here. Challenge accepted brother Ashmatt. Here after I will enter whatsapp for official msg alone that too when I want to walk to the shop or someplace. I will report at 9pm today.

That really hit me hard. I will be focused. Thanks for this valuable advice.


Good. We can use this thread for public accountability. Change the topic name to reflect the same?


Okiee done.:ok_hand:

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Dear @Byebyemediocrity ,

Sorry to be harsh but if you continue like this schedule, I fear your own prophecy of not getting a gold will turn truth

I hope you don’t want that.

Just a few todo list:

  1. Set a realistic and achievable target based on your capabilities. But let me make you aware, these capabilities are subjective and you, yourself are responsible to either extend them or shrink them.

  2. Do you have a micro plan ready? how would you achieve the target marks? What are subject wise targets?

  3. Play smart. Recognise your strength and weak areas and accordingly make strategy.

  4. Focus, focus and focus to achieve the goal. It’s your own making. No action, no results. It’s as simple as it sounds.

  5. Ask yourself. Is your preparation going upto mark. The inner voice must guide you.:slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know either of your academic background or potential, but I think you should set some micro goals which will in turn make a realistic goal possible, say a raise of 10% from your last result? I don’t know.

Most importantly, your action makes your destiny. Since you are talking about gold medal. This is a race. Once you slow down a bit… your competitors are ahead of you.
Hope you understand this fact.

All the best.
Use your time wisely.
Don’t use phone/gadget at night, atleast discard 1hr before sleeping.
Atleast till exam, diconnect with any distraction, which is a potential hurdle, to achieve the good marks.


Have edited the topic for a more positive term:)


Thanks for advice sir. @JumpingBuddha

Sir can you please explain this further.

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Insha Allah will report here at 9pm.

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@Byebyemediocrity MBBS or Nursing or anatomy?

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I meant preparation needed for each subject, chapter etc. Based on priority, effort required and marks to be secured to achieve the goal.
Task to be broken down to small parts for better absorption and speedy preparation.

Allocate your effort and time in such a way that the output is maximum.

You can also take hints from PYQs.

Thanks and regards


Mbbs 1st year…

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@Byebyemediocrity Awesome! I hope to do the same soon :smiley:

Check-in. Here are my goals:

  1. Use Rewire only after 8 pm daily.
  2. Use Habitica social only after 6 pm daily.
  3. Do not visit any of the sites I’m cold-turkey-ing from.

I will simply represent these by :white_check_mark: or :x: instead of repeating them daily, to save time.

@Tagore would you like to join in accountiung?

Today’s accounts

:x: used it a bit before 8
:x: used in the morning
:x: had to update in some sites, did that, won’t go back now

All the best! @Byebyemediocrity


Great job guys, thanks for inviting me too. I’ll be checking - in in my diary bro. Keep going; both of you are real Warriors


Jan 13
Self control
Dopamine detox :heavy_check_mark: (whatsapp usage 8-8:15pm)
Rewire usage (10-10.20pm )

Daily goals
Lipids 8 pages completed out of 56pages :cry:
Basal ganglia 33% completed

Changes needed
Avoid thinking on unnecessary things (think about your goal)
Get up at #5am (haven’t prayed early morning (Fajr) prayer for 150days )

All the very best my friend Ashmatt. Society is in need of doctors like you.

What is meant by cold turkey ? I haven’t heard about that before.


Gone to sleep at 11pm but slept at 12am

Alhamthulillah managed to get up at 5:05am.

Jan 14

Phone usage (20mins whatsapp + 20 mins rewire companion) 11am to 11:40am
:negative_squared_cross_mark: exceeded the phone limit today (more than an hr)

Basal ganglia 50%
Lipids 18/56
Anatomy abd and pelvis 2/6
40% daily goals only reached today
In the morning studied well but in the afternoon wasted a lot of time.
@JumpingBuddha sir correctly told that

I should focus on each and every minute. Many a times I overthink and fear about how I will be judged by my colleagues when I change from mediocre to doing unique things, today in the afternoon I shared a useful study material in our grp after that I started overthinking. After that only I started wasting a lot of time. In the morning my mind was clear.

@Ash_Matt @Tagore joining with you in the accountability Grp for miracle morning


Cold turkey means completely quitting something. Not touching it at all, at least till the required time has elapsed.

Check in

:white_check_mark: all 3 done


I am updating my daily goals:

  1. Don’t use the Rewire Companion app till 8 pm
  2. Dont spend more than 5 minutes at a stretch on Habitica
  3. No YouTube till 8 pm
  4. No visiting the sites I am detoxing from

Tomorrow specific goals-

  1. Plot out the storyline for my novels
  2. Work out or play a Basketball match
  3. Tomorrow I will allow myself to watch YouTube before 8, but after 5 pm, as a short reward because I will achieve another goal tomorrow.

@rewire_user @nofapstar123 @Kaizen @Leo6
Unfortunately the Chamber of Secrets group fell apart just like the actual Chamber of Secrets so I was thinking we use this group for accounting.
Rules are:

  1. Have daily goals
  2. Have goals for each specific day
  3. Check in

Are you ok with this?

@Byebyemediocrity let’s hit our goals :muscle: tomorrow you should complete the remaining 60% work

Anyone else wishing to join can also join in