[33M] My name is Alexander and I am strong


I relapsed again. 3 days clean. Haven’t had ■■■■ related smexy thoughts. Also, my desire toeards real women has increased. It’s normal’ since I have stored seed in my bawls and seminal vesicles, waiting to be released.

Also, I got 1 morning wood since the last relapse.

Also, the less I view this as an addiction, but as a badly developped habit, my view about it has become more positive and the ■■■■ related smexy thoughts drastically decreased in intensity and frequency.

My name is Alexander and I am strong.


Nice man, you are now claiming your power of free will. You have the choice to decide your action. Just acknowledge you used to PMO to find joy, but now you can attain greater happiness without it. Then you choose to live your brand new life and become a better you :slight_smile:

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I deleted the app again and I’m not going to download it again and use it. I realised that the less I use the app and this forum, the better my progress is. I even don’t know whether I reset my counter the last time I relapsed, so what the app shows for my streak is probably false.

I will check in this topic from time to time.

I’m feeling all right right now.

My name is Alexander and I am strong.



I listened to a podcast yesterday and I got what I needed to become motivated to begin a new streak. I have a long path to go through.

In the podcast a bulgarian who was a gambling, alcohol, drug and ■■■■ addicted shared how his journey has gone so far. It was an inspiring story.



2 days clean. I like how my progress is going. I had an urge, that I successfuly killed without negative repacation. And it all happened by itself, automatically

My name is Alexander and I am strong


Good to see you back on track Alexander. You are strong indeed!

What was the podcast? It sounds interesting.

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