[33M] My name is Alexander and I am strong

hey man. how is your streak going??


It’s going pretty well. I haven’t watched and masturbated to ■■■■ in quite some time. The app says 4 days, but the real number is much more.

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@basanaruga well done! The break is sometimes necessary and helps a lot. Keep up!

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5 days official streak. Actual streak - i have no idea. I’m thinking about resetting my streak again on 7.5.2024 at 00:00 and then not resetting it anymore.

In other news - nothing new and interesting.

Live long and prosper and may The Force be with you.

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I decided to reset my streak right now, instead of on 7.5. From now on my streak won’t be resetted anymore, unless I relapse, which won’t happen.

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I’m leaving the forum for an unspecified amount of time. I figured out that not counting days and staying away from this forum works pretty well for me. I promise I will come back to tell the story. I will need at least 3 to 6 months to recover. I already uninstalled the app and I’m writing this from an ancient machine, called laptop :joy: :joy: :joy:

I will know when I’m done, because I have been there before. I just need to reduce my the amount of triggers to as low as possible. And the app and this forum are two of them.

The process is already taking its place.

We all can do this. And when we do it, the whole forum will be empty, because everyone will have beaten this shit.


That’s a good strategy bro, forget about nofap and just focus on life and improvements, focus on becoming the best version of yourself!

I truly hope this will come true :slight_smile:

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Just remember one thing:

You are Alexander and you are free!!



I relapsed several times since the last post and decided to download the app again and let it count for me. Also, I renamed the diary, because I want it to irradiate a more positive message.

Whe I started nofap back in 2014, I read a post from the founder of YBOP. He described how he did everything to not fap and watch ■■■■ and paid the price for it.

And now I am currently paying the price as well. The moment I start rewiring, the abstinence hits me like a truck - my mind is constantly bombarded by catastrophic thoughts and depression. Today I cried while I showered.

What’s going on in my head as a matter of perception of the world is most probably wrong, but inside me everything feels like if I do something, a catastrophe will happen.

I know this is not true, but the feeling is very strong and persistent.

Now I’m doing what YBOP’s founder did back then. And I’m paying the price. No matter what happens, I won’t PMO. I know It will be shit. But maybe this wil disappear some day.

I can do it and no false filth will bring me down.

I’m afraid. I’m depressed. I’m sad. But the hell with it!!! I’m going to leap through it!!!

Who’s with me?


I am !!



You are strong my brother :muscle::fire:
You are a pure and knowledgeable soul :pray:
I’m with you. Let’s do it together :+1:
God bless you God Bless You :innocent:



3 days clean so far. I had birthday yesterday. Everything is going to plan.


Happy birthday bro! :birthday: Become the one that you’re most proud of this year! :fire:



Almost 5 days clean and I’m already bearing fruits. I get spontaneous erections from time to time. I’m also a bit more proactive in my daily tasks and more spontaneous and happy. It’s sll about the biochemistry in the nervous system.

I’m just starting. Who knows what cool things will happen in the future.

Fapping to ■■■■ does not give positives. Only negatives. Nofap does not give negatives. Only positives.



9 days clean. I noticed that I have become much more proactive and spontaneous. Also, today I had a job interview at my girlfriends’s town’s hospital and it went quite well. I’m thinking about accepting the offer and moving there. This will mean I will have to change my specialty, but my hopes are big and I think big things are about to happen. Big good things.



Almost 12 days clean(8 more hours until so). My morning wood gets more and more frequent. ALso, I get spontaneous erections from time to time. That was my goal. Not exactly, but close.

My goal is to reset my sexual drive and get it to work properly, because of my PMO abuse I can not get my PP to get hard. And I’m slowly, but surely going there.

PMOing is the worst that I can do to myself. Don’t do my mistake.

I forgive my inner child for his mistakes in the past. He did it, because he thought that was the right thing.

If you happen to be in my place as well, you better start rewiring now, because the older you become, the harder the process will be. I tell this from experience. I know how rewiring feels at the age of 23 and I know how rewiring feels at the age of 33.

I’m not PMOing again. Or PMing, or MOing. Because my name is Alexander and I am strong.


It’s either because you fantasize, wear tight clothes or in a certain position. Try to change that and it will be reduced or even disapear. Remember this emoji every time you think about PMO: :face_vomiting:

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As far as I know, morning wood is a sign of healthy sexual drive. Even after ■■■■ time with the signifficant other. Normally, a male should get several woods during his sleep. My idea is not to eliminate it, but rather the opposite.


Yeah but not all the time. My point was to control the unnecessary morning wood that you can control by reducing it. But yeah I get your point :+1:

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