32 Days to Win this Battle ( Day 4/32 )

Chapter - X

Slaying the Demon

Happy Dussehra to All

Sometimes, we fail and fall , that is a part of success.

Amitro’s Crittica 30 Day Path

Crittica ( Kartika ) is a holy month.

Kartika month = October 10th - November 9th

My Path = Crittica Path

October - 6

Day 1 - Chapter One - Crittical

Day 2 - Chapter two - Resourcefulness

Day 3 - Chapter three - Friendship

Day 4 - Chapter four - Enemies

Day 5 - Chapter 5 - Teachers

Day 6 - Chapter 6 - Cognition

Day 7 - Chapter 7 - Self Awareness

Coming Soon

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Jai Shiva Shankar


I had to reset my streak again because of slip up. Now I will do my best to go more days.

Enough is Enough

Now it’s time to focus on studying.

No edging

No self touching

No Peeking

No Watching

Only Concentration

PMO, I will smash you !

I will manifest freedom. I am manifesting freedom from PMO. I am manifesting freedom from PMO. I am manifesting freedom

@Binocular @RedStorm47 @BlackMagic123 @Samaranjay @the_resilient_one @Plutus

I need to talk with you all because I am stressed a little.


Hi friend @Amitroghates :wave:t2:

Calm down buddy there is no need to be stressed, forget about your world for now and meditate or breath slowly, listen to relaxing music or water sound.

Right now, nothing matters in this world, just concentrate on relaxing right now ok? :slightly_smiling_face:

And you can express to us about the reason that made you stressed cause maybe we can help.

I’m sure that you can manage stress :muscle:


Hello @Amitroghates brother,

I am all here to listen you .
Go on brother.
Speak your heart out.

We all will definitely help you to get out of this zone.


Yeah, just let out in what you are getting stressed at. Maybe we can help.


Why 99.99% :joy:, just like handwashes?
Kren 99.99% kitaanuon ka khaatma.

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Karen 99.99% pmo ka khaatma


I am feeling a lot of pain in my back. I am also feeling sleepy.

I am planning a new sleep routine and exercise routine to combat PMO, laziness and sleepiness.

Since I am staying at home I am planning to sleep more hours.

7 Hours Sleeping at night

2 More hours sleep if required at day

Timed Sleep at day time.

30 Minute Sleep( Nap ) if I feel asleep at day time.



In my opinion I think that you should only concentrate on sleeping at night cause if you don’t have enough sleep, even 5 hours nap won’t help you to overcome laziness and feeling sleepy.

The brain chemical processes occur more in your body at sunset because that’s when the body realizes it’s time to sleep.
Taking naps won’t give you the same benefits as sleeping enough at night.

Go to sleep and go to it early.
9 hours of sleep is recommended for every adult to have enough energy to do many physical activities through the day.

These are clearly side effects of less sleep at night and laziness won’t disappear by taking 2 hours naps at day.
Again, that’s just an opinion.



Yeah better make it 8-9 hrs at night if possible, and take kne short nap less than 30 min of you feel sleepy at night.
If you can’t find time to sleep that much at night then this schedule seems fine.
About the short nap make it a power nap, maybe less than 20 min, then you’ll feel more energetic than of you sleep a little long and enter the deep sleep phase.


Bro if you are stressed about sleep, i would say start sleeping early and walking up early, and make it a routine. It’s a game changer!


Monthly Purity %

24/31 × 100 = 77.42% ( Till 10th October )

Weekly Purity %

Last Week = 28.57%

This week = 85.71% ( Till Now )

Daily Purity

23/24 × 100 = 95.83% ( Till Now )

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I just watched P and relapsed :cry::cry:


I wasted completely 100% data in porn website watching porn video. I have no mobile data right now. I could not even use a learning website to learn new things with mobile data.
Is not it a great lesson for me ? Am I not learning any thing from this incidence ? Will I keep doing this habit till my age of 50 when my family will come more poor than before. I have to understand the fact and be warned before something wrong happens. I have succeeded many times quitting the P for many days before. Now its time to quit it for ever.

Every bad thing starts from “just this time". Everytime you tell your self " just this time” , your craving never stops. It will increase further. I was watching 16 hours of porn in may.


Today its going good. Howevr , I am feeling pain in my back. I am now practicing mathematics for my examination. Learning has been a part of my life. If I compare myself with myself in april or may , I have been improved a lot. I have decided to watch some spiritual tv shows.