3 Practical Methods To Help in the Nofap Journey

Hello guys,How are you ?
I have invented these 3 tricks which are helping me in my journey. Currently, i am on my 14th day. So, i want to share them with you.

  1. The deflate Technique
    At night and specialy at the time of morning wood, when our erect penis is throbing like anything, it is a very nasty situation. Usualy nofappers struggle during this… they cant stand and run away from bed because their family is there and no one wants to move inside house while raising a magical tent :smile: So this technique is a life saver. You will be surprised that within few seconds after applying it the erection deflates like a ballon out of air. I am personaly using it for the past 14 days and it is of great help.

Lets start, When your penis is erect and giving you a headache, start exhaling the air out through your nose with medium force repeatedly. Dont care about inhale just focus on exhaling out. If you can exhale the air fast… exhale fast… the exhaling of air is short and repeatitive. Do not exhale long breaths. Exhale short breaths. Within seconds your penis becomes flacid and your urges gets destroyed.

  1. Sexual thoughts Nemesis Mantra
    When you stop watching erotic stuff … the brain gets angry and it wants its dose badly. What option it got now ? It recollects the past stored memory files. By it i mean that you start having flashbacks of your recently watched erotica. No matter what you do but sexual thoughts haunts you in your bed. Sometimes you start enjoying them and get lost in them, you completly forgot about your nofap mission and you start rubbing your dick with the bed or blanket. Hence, sexual thoughts shouldnt be allowed to take over you. This mantra technique comes at your rescue.
    It works like this : since i am a hindu. What i do… i start chanting Hanuman chalisa and in few minutes the mind calms and sexual thoughts go away. Hanuman Chalisa is a holy text in praise of hindu god hanuman who was a celibate. I have memorized its 4 sentences and that are enough for this sexual shity thoughts. If you are a chritian. You must pick some lines from the bible. If you are a muslim then Quran comes at your rescue. Similarly for Buddhists and Jains. If you have no faith or you do not believe in any holy mantra, i suggest you pick some 4 or 5 sentences from your language or make 4 or 5 sentences of your own. The sentences should be some affirmations which can calm you down and basicaly the purpose of mantra is to distract your mind to another thing. Mantras are very powerful. They work everytime.

  2. Glance Technique
    We fappers sees every women as sex objects. Our eyes gets stuck on the private parts of women in public. When we do nofap our first aim is to not watch anything erotic because it leads to relapse. But no matter how hard we try at some point we have to face our fears in the form of advertisements, in newspapers, in streets :astonished:
    A popular saying is if you look at a women again and again… it is lust.
    So what is the technique :
    Our eyes are very sensitive to hot women or some hot video or image in phones, newspapers etc. A second time is enough to detect a erotic stuff. Glance simply means a quick look. In a quick look you should be ALERT ! That the pleasure from that stuff can lead me to a relapse. So NO SECOND LOOK This is the technique. No second look when you get any idea of the nature of the stuff in a quick look. Simply close that audio, video, pic . In real life dont look twice towards a women whom you find sexualy erotic. Atleast do it for the sake of Reboot. After that go and talk to that women whom you find interesting. But first we have to tame our senses.

Good Luck in your journey


That’s great, nice tips thank you :slight_smile::+1:


Yeah man the tips are nice, thanks

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Yours welcome :pray: