[22M] textmr's diary

Addiction : i will stop your brain now 安hat you will do ??

Me : i will only laugh on you :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Bro visit an eye doctor 好ever take your eyes lightly 夷f its paining or you have some trauma 多o visit an eye doctor夷t could be allergy or anything else ,he will at least prescribe lubricant or in some cases even antibiotics if necessary


Bhai jindagi ko majak bana ke rakh diya iss addiction ne 妃eri dukh aur takleefon ko ye majak samajta hai :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Mere itne sare gire hue asuon ko pani samaj ke pita raha

Ok wait妃ai bhi ye kya bole jaa raha hun

Just relax and think 安hat can do now

Thanks for the advice, Although I dont think it was caused by germs cause I was at home when I experienced the sharp pain and we dont have pets. But you see, it only hurts when I close my eye, but Ill see if it stays the same till tomorrow I will go and see a doctor cause its night time currently :sweat_smile:

Thanks again for the advice @docabd :smile:

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You want me bald everywhere bro?

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Hey bro @Binocular. Take care of your eyes man. Visit a doc if it hurts more.

@docabd, You saved me from my bro @Binocular from plucking those hairs :joy::joy:. Thank you

Dude, @textmr03 I have seen your texts. So, you are considering everything for short term. I can understand that from you. Even I too do the same. Taking advices for short term. Taking nofap thoughts for short term. If you take everything for short term, you streak will be for short term alone. Once I took my streak to 21 days. During that time, I felt continuous urges for 3 days. And also I had some p dreams. When I get those dreams, suddenly my body itself woke me up. It happened 3 times. 2 times in same day. After 2 hrs itself. So what I want to convey to you is whatever you need that may be no fap, life related advise, health advices. Tell it continuously to yourself. I tell these things, I imagine these things everyday, when I am in toilet, before sleeping, sometimes eating and reading.

What do you think about it guys?

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Ya your inputs will be highly valuable

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I think you need to grow hair
Just kidding dude :joy:

Well brother thats a correct fact
@textmr03 you see buddy when you get urges and then exercice it fades away, when you get urges and decide to just sit there and resist it wont end up only with a relapse.

Resisting is not by saying that you wont fap, its actually by living it and living Nofap for Nofap is a lifestyle.

Its time for you to take a step forward and start your good habits. Choose at least 5 and you will notice the difference, it could be Sleeping enough, healthy food, exercice, Drinking lots of water, meditation, reading, studying, playing an instrument, etc

I dont know about the others but I was aiming to this point in all my posts from a simple you know what to do to my brain trick theory I thought you will realize it on your own

This is the big question now and I got you really close to the answer brother so just try, try to conclude from this post the answer.

Good luck champ.

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easy people always want to do easy tasks 在ut hard people want to do hard tasks 在ecause hard people dont find vibe in doing easy tasks

easy comes easy goes 在ut hard work always leads to the life you always wanted to live

easy people always become happy when they get 40 thousand job per month 在ut people like us always want to earn in billions

we all are nofappers and semen retentioners 安e are fighting with our addiction each second 存o we know what is hard work

so we have got a nature to solve hard things 好ot easy things

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a period of changing ourselfs always falls between 20 to 25 guys

after this we will not be able to do hard work and sucseed in life

my age is 22 and i only have to do hard work for only and only 2 years 地fter then i will be in joy forver [ if GOD WILLS ]


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A lot of people quit Masturbation and pornography while theyre still teenagers or older than 30 years old. Even my grandfather quit smoking when he was 47 years old!! Do not ignore a humans potential of change and always remember that nothing in this entire world is impossible.