[22M] textmr's diary

i am creating a diary but i dont know what to write here . i am totaly confused .

i should write my daily routine here or daily lessons here or what i should write .

actually i overthink too much so i am confused

its the first time i am creating a diary here on this platform

i have deleated this platform millions a time in my life but again i am here


Finally your first diary
Congratulations :confetti_ball:

This is the common way:
Choose as much as habits you would like to do every day and every day write :white_check_mark: if you did a habit and :x: if not

At the top of your post it’s recommended to put the date or simply your current streak

You can talk about your day and the problems that you faced so interested people can help you.

That’s how to meet friends here :blush::wink:
That’s all I know


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i never count days . and i also want one life lessons from you all guys daily here … ok bro ??

i mean you all guys please teach me at leat one life lesson daily

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Yeh brother I even mentioned it :joy::

You can simply write the date

Now go and live your life! Enough of screen time
Let’s break free together :fire:

Let’s live a normal life without PMO :muscle:

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bro i request you not to get angry but… i ask too many questions and i hope you all guys will help finding me my answers ??

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We aren’t angry brother :joy: That’s how we motivate people, it’s like a way to encourage people.
Sorry if it made you feel scared or mad :blush:

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i am not a kid bro … i am 22 years old . i never get scared . but cant see myself distroying .

i only want one thing i my life that is too break free from this addiction… and so i reqested for help from
you all … i also dont like to ask for help again and again because it does not matches my standards…but what could i do accept asking for help … when i am not able to quit it

and thats why you all guys helped me… if i will not tell you guys about my problem then how you guys will help me ??

i hate this kind of life of mine

i hate this pmo muther fuccker addiction that took my life from me

it took my whole life from me … it snatched all happyness from my life… dirty idiot addiction…but on the other hand i cant hate my self … becauce… i am learning to love my self

i want to change … i want to improve … i will never give up… because i cant give up

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bro please tell me … why massages here are showing on my gmail ??.. how i can switch off it ??

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Just a sec, I will see how and I will tell you cause I already switched them off before

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Ok I found it:
Click on your profile photo (Wich is on the top right) and you will see 4 icons on the top.
Click on the first icon on the right and go to “Preferences” then, you will see the word “account” next to it so Click on it and you will find many options and one of them is “Emails” so click on it and you will find everything you want to find about the Email sittings.

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thank you so much bro … i switched it off … :smile:

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ok now i have to move forward in my diary…

first i want to write about my current condition right now…

actually i woke up in the morning and relapsed and slept for 2 hours more …then i woke up again and again relapsed and slept for more 3 hours…

my room is dirty here in this hostel … my table is also not clean … its 12 : 57 pm right now and i have not did my break fast and lunch nothing … i havent took bath … i am just dirty right now…

first … i am going to take a bath and eat somthing … and drink lots of water so that i can start my recovery

then i will think forward

i will come back on this diary after some hours and write… how i relapsed yesterday { if God wills }

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i brushed my tooth … took bath…and took lunch…and i chewed my food very very well because thats a good habbit …and now after sometime i will drink water …

yeasterday i relapsed because…

i came here in this city by train in the morning . i started at 5 : 54 am and i came here at 12 pm …but when i entered my room i started feeling very cold… it was my prayer time …but i decided not to go for prayers and laydown in a blanket…as it was so so cold … actually my strategy is that… if i will feel urges then i will start drawing on my laptop and draw something… but as i was feeling cold i was unable to take out my laptop from my coupboard … and then i started touching my banana without any urges … and i am not wrong but there were no urges at all … and i started touching my banana more and more and finally i relapsed… but now i know that what was my falut and what was my mistake and i will not do it again [ IF GOD WILLS ]

just now at this current moment i am sitting in my room but some students are sitting here and talking shit … i dont like anything related to s*x . i hate that . i really hate it :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: … how i can love anything about what distroyed my life

i was doing workouts from 1 week in my home … i did heavy leg workouts …and my legs were building up but now when i have fapped … so i have started loosing my muscles :pensive: :pensive: :pensive:

i will not give up and do workouts again as soon as i will be at my home … i will go back home after 2 days and i will again do leg workouts [ if god wills ]

i also have many life lessons written on a paper but i dont know how to follow it all … i want to follow it but i forget when those life lessons are needed … for example …yesterday it happened

I have to make my college project of 20 pages but … electricity is absent from my room so i am laying down on bed right now

Exams are also on my head … ie on 17 october . I havent prepared any thing till now . Not a single word .

I will have to prepare for it because if i will do more late then i will be in trouble and stress in the days of exam

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oh God … i wasted my all day … i did not prayed at all …i did not studied at all… now i am going for dinner … afterwords i will come back and study [ if God wills ]

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late night yesterday i thought that this diary is worthless but however i want to write this diary…so…

yesterday i studied till 11 at night … i have started making my college project …i wrote one page till now

today i woke up late…8 :30 … but i feel ok right now … i am trying to improve and i will improve [ if GOD wills ]

hey wait ,i think i am enjoying writing this diary :thinking: :smiley:

oh wow , someone is playing very nice calm music in bathroom of next room … ya somewhat i am enjoing it :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :rofl: :rofl:

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last night i was getting very heavy side affects of acciction . i was unable to sleep . it was painfull . just now i am getting some urges and i am not feeling good .but its ok . i will not do any idiot kind of activity now

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Now i am finding out my problems …and one of my huge problem is that i dont go out anywhere … just now i was not in a mood to right a single more page of my project … but just now my brother called me and said … " do you wanna go out somewhere ?? " and i said yaaa :smiley::smiley::smiley:

Now i dont know how but …but i wanna right my project now

So lonelyness is also my problem

Here i dont have any bike by which i can go out somewhere … i have my ant’s car here

But i feel shame to ask them for car everytime :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Its not my home city … and my college is also in a jungle … its very very very far away from the main city …

I had some classmates in my old school days with whom i used to roam in my city

But i got into fight one by one with all of them because of my upset mood due to my addiction …

The same happens now… i involve in fight with all guys … due to my angry mood caused by this dangerous ediot muther fuccking addiction …a shity idiot type habbit

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Read the other people’s diary. You’ll have an idea.


I did very wrong thing today … i did not prayed … i also din’t finished up my project … tommorow i have to submit it

Right now i am out to roam out in the city

I am enjoying​:smiley::smiley::smiley:

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