[22M] textmr's diary

I took my ants car and fucked it to its full speed :sweat_smile:

I din’t ate anything from out side but its ok

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now whatever i am going to write is not a joke … these things which i am going to say is very close to my heart…

i am very fair skin guy but i became a black skin man because of this muther fuccking addiction

people say that i am a outstanding singer but my throat is on 0 level right now …becasue of this ediot addiction

i wanted to have long curly hairs … but …my hairs are falling because of this addiction

tears are in my eyes right now but what can i do …i cant do anything …whats gone into past … but in future i should never do these dirty things which takes away my butifull life from me

anyways, today i failed to finish up my project and i havent prayed also

now i am tired and going to sleep in some hours

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Like I always say:
The past is a history, the future is a mystery, and today is a gift, that’s why they call it present :gift:.
Live today like it’s the last day of your life. Don’t think that there is a future, only god knows that.

I would rather die trying then die relapsing

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Oh God , i woke up today at night and masturbated… what a shit happened again … but i should not panic …

I had a trick when i used to live in my home …and the trick was… i used to tie my trouser’s knot … so many times that it became imposible to open it in mid night …as my brain is addicted so so so so much that i always woke up in mid night and start masterbating being 10% into sleep

But when i tie my trouser’s knot so many times then my hands automatically comes back after knowing that i will not be able to open the knot …

But last time when i tied so many knots at night … i started to feel toilet … i opened up the knot very hardly at the first time … but when i started to sleep again …i again started to feel toilet … i was alreadly so weak by the addiction that i was not able to get up again and open up the tight knot …but what could i do … i opened up the knot and went through a huge struggle…but when i again started to sleep … i again had to go to toilet and this time i dint tied my knot …and i ended up relapsing

I am never able to connect with people because of this dirty addiction

i came back to my city 2 hours ago…i am very tired and want to sleep now…i am going to sleep

my mind dosent work now a days … i see that my english has gone so poor maaaan . oh God…this addiction distroyed me…oh GOD…i cant remember any vocabulary …i dont even remember single thing about 2 days ago

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2 days ago you created a diary, and you created it for a reason.
A Successful man is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration
Actions speak louder than words, so Nofap at least 1 day. At least 1 day.

At least 1 day


Bro let me set everything … i can do this bro … this time i will leave it for ever …but i will not look at the top of the mountain but i will go step by step …but i should not be late … actually i am trying to follow every life lessons that i have written on paper … not every but at least most of them

Let me leave it for ever this time …

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From about 1 month i am busy with some renovation work in my home

I was only here … my brother was not here

I showed him everything by phone and asked him every time … what tiles he would like … what false celing design you like… what type of lights you like …every fuckking thing … just every fucking thing …

But today from some days … he came home …

Now today was the day … to pick up the tiles from showroom which has to be put in my home …

I am currently in the showroom … i asked my brother that what tiles are you selecting ?
He dint said a word …he ignored me directly… not only he ignored me 2 times but he ignored me 3 times…

I dont like this kind of disrespect

I was very very angry …but i swallowed the blood in my neck…

I dont know what to do … first i thought that i will take revenge … but i will not do that …i should forgive this kind of wrong behevior with me

I dont like these things

I also have respect


I wanna challenge you dude. For two days. Can you do it? If you can do it. Just notify me. I will give you the next. Accept the challenge?


Bro i dont know what should i say…

I loved it …that you want to challenge me …

Ok wait… bro …i challenge you forever no fapp …are you readdy ??

I will do forever no fapp (by the will of God)

No one will be able stop us bro …no one


I am always ready to it. Challenge accepted.


If you will be with me forever … then i am readdy to be with you forever bro


What ever will happen … we will support each other

What ever happens … never relapse

This journey will be muther fuccking nice …


I will be there bro. You don’t worry.


Brother @textmr03 the top of the mountain is useless, please accept @rajameghanan’s challenge of 2 days for now, after that you can continue a new challenge with him for 5 days and so on. Cause forever is a long time, you might be motivated for now but motivation is temporarily, once it will be gone your brain won’t be able to accept this idea, then edge, then you relapse.
Just a suggestion you know.


I accept bro … i accept it for 2 days … then 5 days then 10 then 15 and so on

But that dosent means that we cant go forever … we can bro… we can…

We will all have to quit it forever bro …

We will have to quit it … and for me specially… there is no other way bro … no other way … its already been enough bro

Its already been so so so so so so much enough …

I did this for 22 years bro
…from 22 years i never saw myself living happily …i never saw my self cheerfull …i want to quit it forever bro …for ever …

We will have to do it bro

We will have to do it …

We can do this



i cant live my whole life like this

Its enough …enough…enough…enough

It crossed all the limits 3 monts ago already

I cant live my life like this …i am ready to change …

Enough guys enough…

Enough of these challenges …enough of this fuccking mother fuccker ediot type life

Enough of this science materials that tells all about our addiction

Enough of watching no fapp vidios




Fucking enough guys

I want you all to change guys

Change like me forever

First we will make a target of going 2 days then 3 then 4 then 5



We will do it (by the will of GOD )


Dear guys i know what you are saying …that i am motivated and so i am talking like this …may be yes …may be no…i dont give a fuccking fuck

I will not overthink it



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Bro dont worry i will not loose controll because of any kind of motivation …

Because you have only taught me …



I have written it on a paper where i wrote all the life lessons

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My lesson here, is complete


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I did not understood bro …

About what this photo wants to tell me ??:thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Be Consistent and disciplined like an ant, she lifts 10 times her weight without ever giving up

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