I’ve had enough with this addiction and I know that you guys are hearing this from me for the 100th time. But 2021 is going to be my year, our year!
I relapsed once today but by the end of this year, I promise, you’ll see me as a king, a phoenix bird who has reclaimed his masculinity and strength. Thanks for all the help you guys provided. Let’s start fresh. A new year, new beginning.
My recovery will be based on this advice given by Goldjacketluke:

P.S: Iam starting this new diary because I want to burn my past. That is not me. Fapping to porn, being numb, living life like a zombie- that is not who Iam.
Iam a child of God. We all are. Lets go back to who we really are, let’s connect with the innocent child within.


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