After being on nofap for 33 days days, the most important thing I found out is that self discipline is very important in this journey. Even if we don’t have anything else, having self discipline and following our passion and purpose will take us to the next level. For the last 2 to 3 days I have been sleeping more, not following my goals, a certain amount of self discipline has been missing, so I decided to write this. I have been getting strong urges due to the lack of self discipline. So today onwards Iam going to report my progress here everyday. Falling back to porn is never an option. Building a great, fulfilling life is where our entire focus should go.



Today I woke up very late, at 9. Got distracted by phone. Morning routine got fucked up. But still working on my goals, will get back on track for sure. Building self discipline and following through my plan of action is the main aim of this dairy.


The struggle we all are going through



All the best @Tagore… I am with you brother. #BeastMode.
This is for you brother :point_down:


Unleash the beast.


You got this bro.!! BEAST MODE!!!


Ahha! Finally tagore’s diary! Good to see you improving. but, im more happy to see you are willing to make changes in your life and you are working for it. Keep it up buddy!
Oh yeah. Let’s do this!


Its better to be a Lion then becoming a sheep all your Life :wink:
Great you created a diary.
It will become inspiring diary soon. :smiley:


Thank you dears brothers @neo_150 @TheWindWaker @strongwillpower @anon1074209 for caring. Together we’ll beat porn out of our life. Due to a fucking urge I couldn’t sleep yesterday, so woke up late at 8 30.
But I followed through the morning routine and was disciplined too. Now I understand discipline is one of the most important thing in this journey.

Meditation :white_check_mark:
Affirmation :white_check_mark:
Visualization :white_check_mark:
Exercise :white_check_mark:
Reading :white_check_mark:
No phone :x:
No T.V :x:

With consistency any thing is possible in life. BEAST IS GROWING EVERY SINGLE SECOND. :muscle::muscle::muscle:


You got it brother, discipline is all that is needed in self improvement! Keep it up!


@Tagore can u pls explain it? I already heard about it a little. But dont have any plan to correctly do it daily


Dear brother, @anon14496424 affirmation is repeating to yourself something everyday so that it goes into your subconscious mind and it’ll come true. For example, if you are a guy who has social anxiety, say to yourself everyday that “Iam confident. Iam confident. When people are around Iam happy and excited” Like that. When you say it everyday it will get programmed in your brain and gradually you’ll start feeling confident.
Visualization is used when you want to achieve something . If you want a car imagine that car, everyday imagine that you are riding on it. Its all related to law of attraction. Iam 100% sure that these things work too. I’ve had experience before. If you want more info. There are a lot of videos in YouTube bro. Check them out.


Due to consistent headache Iam not getting sleep nowadays. So today also woke up late and 9. But I did follow through my morning routine. If I give up for one day the headache will only increase urges will become strong like storms.
Woke up (6 30) :x:
Meditation (6 minutes) :white_check_mark:
Affirmations :white_check_mark:
Visualization :white_check_mark:
Exercise :white_check_mark:
Reading :white_check_mark:

Worked on my goals eventhough was not as productive as I wanted. Went to my cousin’s. Felt like my anxiety has reduced a little since Iam not having the guilt of doing something wrong( porn) inside me. I can feel that life is getting better everyday. There is positivity everywhere. BEAST IS GROWING EVERY SINGLE SECOND.


@anon14496424 and @Tagore
As you both guys are interested/doing these affirmations and visualization… I want to share my experience on it.

Please consider this seriously👉 …NEVER DO IT WRONG.
PLEASE CLEARLY UNDERSTAND METHODOLOGY OF IT FIRST clearly… these are so powerful things as it is related to subconscious mind but on the same time it may be dangerous(No one tells about dangers of it).

I have done it 2 years ago when i was in second year… and after around 6 months…i understamd the key points of it(As I always do pen and paper analysis)… I cannot tell you the whole story here as it is not much important.

I will send you some videos… from where you can understand actual things ok.

Points…I figured out from my analysis and experience

  • In every video of LAW OF ATTRACTION… they tell some works to do daily: affirmation, visualization, grabing opportunities, HARD WORK etc.

You will see they put a lot of pressure on affirmation and visualization but they do not say much about HARD WORK( work consistently on your goal daily)… i am.not saying they do not tell about it. But they do not focus on explaining this that much as they explain about affirmation and visualization and as a result after watching such videos one end up in doing these 2 things only BUT IN MY OPINION this hard work is the most important thing( you also know this but I am sure after watching such videos you will not take hard work thing that seriously as you will follow these 2 seriously… becoz in video they do not focus on hard work that much)

I only want to say that putting 100% efforts is also as important as doing visualization and affirmation daily.


There is a very thin line which separates these two. If you do not consider this then you will start with visualization(good effects) and you will end up with day dreaming(bad effects)


Yes my dear brother @neo_150 I totally agree what you’ve said. Hardwork is one of the most important thing if we want to achieve anything in life. But using visualization, vision board etc really motivates us to do hardwork. Since we are thinking about it everyday, consistently we’ll be motivated naturally to do what it takes to get there. I’ve had personal experience before. I cracked an entrance exam into a central university in India solely by using visualization and vision board. If we are consistent this thing works dear brother @neo_150 and @anon14496424


Wow tagore mwonuse.you are doing great…I also planning to start a diary if you guys are with me then iam gonna start…I also agree with the thing that hardwork is an important in sucess …But why hardwork we need sharp work…which is more powerfull than hardwork @Tagore @anon14496424 @neo_150


Since my exams have started stress has increased. Stress is affecting my discipline too. But followed through my goals today.
Meditation :white_check_mark:
Affirmation :white_check_mark:
Visualization :white_check_mark:
Exercise :white_check_mark:
Reading (very less) :white_check_mark:
I understand that life is filled with ups and downs but Whatever happens escaping it with porn is over. PORN IS ENEMY NO 1 OF GREATNESS. porn and masturbation are for children. Men feel the pain, cry and live there life.


@josephvt start a Journel bro. It’ll help you in being disciplined and also in tracking your progress.

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Go strong bro! I see you are veey disciplined. Keep going!!!


@TheWindWaker thanks for checking out dear brother. Together we’ll reach our highest streak this time. Whatever happens Iam with you. I promise I won’t relapse and dissapoint you. This is for you
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What an encouraging words brother. This is also dedicated to you!! Well fight till no b**ch shit is on our brain!