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Its actually good. I do this too…to avoid sleep and laziness. :+1:t2:


:flushed: Alright then I will do it tomorrow :joy:


Talking of you …i think you can do it while.running too :joy::joy: just kidding :sweat_smile:


I can do it while making 100 pushups :sunglasses::wink::joy:


Goal for Today


Workout or Walking 10000 steps
Mindfulness Practice 15 minutes
Reading at least 30 minutes
Daily Affirmations
Practice Classical music


Solve 5 Question papers of Signals and Systems

Abstinence Habits

No Pornography
No Masturbation and Orgasm
No Video Games

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I am just pissed off. I relapsed thrice in a row in 24 hours. I just wanted to relax. I need to talk and share my feelings.


@Amitroghates Hey bro, I can feel you. Pour everything that you want to tell.


I was in control for 3 days recently. But yesterday night and today morning I relapsed thrice in 24 hours. I am feeling pain in my right chest and feeling heavy and gassy. Acidity has been increased and nothing is digested easily. I think old age has come at 26 age. I am unable to stand because of pain. I dont know how will I earn my living in this condition. :anguished::hot_face::cry::disappointed_relieved:


Break this loop bruhh.chaser effect is really bad.
Get out of this.focus on your goals relapsing thrice in a row.the two relapses after the first one are cause due to your thinking which is telling you that you can start again.but fit this in mind relapsing is never an option no matter how your mind tell you.you can do this.:+1:t2:


I relapsed myself today. I don’t have any advice to give actually but we can actually again start our mega duel from tomorrow so it would help both of us.


Friend @Amitroghates,

No you haven’t turned old, you aren’t weak, you’re just bored

Boredom is the root sources of all problems in life, it makes our brain want to find a solution to it and it decides to take the easiest and old pathways “PMO”

It’s been a while since you did exercice or ate healthy? Such habits must be done especially at your age. You made PMO your habit, you replaced them with PMO. So what to do now.

The big and 100% decision to stop this bad habit

It’s quite important to understand the role of willpower in this situation

I won’t tell you any complex or scientific discoveries, but I will tell you about experience

If you make that decision 100% you won’t fap for more than a week, it’s true that willpower is limitless and temporary but useful in the first week
In that period you should rely on willpower to stop your addiction

But, while doing good habits, once willpower is out of juice habits will be it’s replacer. Change your surroundings and behavior to finally be free.

It might be hard especially in the first 2 or 3 weeks but with Consistency, it will pay off eventually

Willpower + Change of behavior and surrounding + Consistency = Success

Good luck young warrior, never think you turned old cause PMO wants you to think that way :fire:.


Relapse never helps to relax. Needt time do something else, maybe watch a good show instead.


I’ve reached one of the lowest points in my life. I don’t blame anyone in my life for that. I need some time to recharge. I need to figure out life.

Discipline helped but a lack of vision in my life is making me feel all my actions meaningless. I reached a stage in my life where I start to question my action. This mindset has made me desensitized to failure.

I need to figure things out. For that I am taking a long break from this forum. I may come here if I feel my decision is wrong. I know I am running a challenge here. I would be grateful to those people who are willing to conduct that challenge for me. If no one is willing to conduct it , The only thing I have to say is that I am Sorry to every Participants here.

Also @BlackMagic123 , I am sorry I won’t be able to participate in your challenge.

Have a great life.


Oh sorry to hear that. You had a great streak of 51 or 52. Its very heart breaking.


I am back. Much earlier than I thought. I have realised what I want in my life. I don’t want to reveal it. Because every time I reveal it , there are less chances that I get it.

I wont be running zodiac sign challenges from now on. I want to fully focus on my work to reach that goal. I want to restrict my talk in this diary itself. I wont be participating in any challenges here. I have removed myself from every challenge I have joined. I dont want this community to be a distraction.

I will be updating here frequently in order to keep myself on track. My main purpose is to evaluate my daily action. I am not here to prove anyone how much Disciplined I am.

I will be blocking this app , Google and YouTube during work.

Enough talk , Let my Action Speak everything.


3.45 PM

At 3.55 PM , Going to eye clinic to obtain eye certificate required for driving licence


4.45 PM

Reached home after getting eye certificate. Will start Workout by 4.50


Welcome back :gem: :partying_face:


6.20 PM

Completed Workout. In the middle of my Workout, Mom came from the office so had a chat with her for a few minutes . After having 2 buns , Completed the remaining part of the Workout.

Going to the Barber shop to have a haircut



A haircut then :no_mouth: (:joy:)