Youtube Live for Self Improvement

Its been almost 2 years Ive been in this forum. When I look back , there is hardly any improvement seen in me. Out of desparation , I’ve mentioned many times I’ll quit the forum and it didn’t help.

I wont blame anyone, It all happened because of me. For motivation , I challenged some strong men here but it didn’t last long.

After a few moments of self reflection , I’ve realized that Discipline and Studies work for me when I am been watched. Because I hate to be weak in front of people. Majority of the time , I study well at college but not at home because no one is watched me.

My mom told that I’ve grown up so she don’t observe me these days.

I am in one of the lowest moments in my life. So I am thinking of doing all improvement stuff like Studying , Workout , Meditation and other activities LIVE AT YOUTUBE so that I’m been watched at.

I know I took a lot of decisions here and failed many time. I will be posting after every live session here.

It may appear bold and idiotic move at the same time. But this is one of my desperate methods to improve my life.

I am also aware this would lead to my face reveal and I am ok with it. I will bear all the consequences associated with it.


Hurrraay risinglion face reveal :partying_face:


@Risinglion123 you are now a grown man, you know what’s best for you more than anyone. I believe and always will that you will make the right decision. I’ve got nothing to say except to wish you the best of luck.
May the unbreakable spirit rise up again!


Dude just set a moral line for yourself that you have to improve every day and tell us how much you studied and what you have to improve, no need to go live on youtube, it will be messy.
Please make a permanent list of habits which has 5 to 10 main habits, not the list which I saw in your and Yash’s accountability challenge. It had 30 habits.
Your main problem is consistency, you go on starting new things again and again. You just can’t stick to one method of doing your work or following your routine. You won’t attach to the method that works for you. I want you to dwell in your past a bit and find out what was when I was doing good and how did I do it. Can I make that happen again?

What have you learnt from the failures, that matters my friend.
Best wishes.


I respect your opinions. But I’ve already started and uploaded the first video of mine. This is not an insane act friend.

There are a lot of people uploading videos with title " Study with me , Workout with me " etc.

Ive tried everything that you have said friend. Every man is different. I believe this would work for me.

Also uploading videos in YouTube is not any uncommon act. It helps in self improvement.


@BlackMagic123 , Please don’t argue with me brother. I am aware this is an Impulsive act. If I fail in my decision , I would mention that without regrets.


This is my first video. Since I’ve been here for 2 years , You might have some expectations from me. But in real life , I am an introverted and under confident guy.

My another reason for youtube is it forces me to speak in English. I have a hard time speaking English in real life.

This is an unscripted video and I have uploaded this video in my first attempt while shooting it.

Combined with my terrible English speaking its obvious that its a bad introduction. But from this , I am pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone to improvement myself.

All judgements and criticism is appreciated


Good luck Gautam and don’t worry cause failure is a success in progress. I advice you to enjoy your journey for a man who loves walking will most likely walk more than the man who loves the destination


If you have completely decided it then Go for it !! :zap:

Best of Luck for your Journey. Try to be Consistent in it :handshake:


Dude that’s actually very good. You aren’t that bad at English either.
And this seems to be a very nice step.
Spoken English will further improve for sure.
Other spheres of life might improve as well because of strong accountability. :100::clap:


Thank you @Binocular , @yashnofap01 and @Samaranjay for the support. I will never give up in this. It would be an utter shame for me to give up after a face reveal.

But if God has lined his stars to stop me from this action , I would rather accept it without regret. At least I did a bold move. Not trying to be cocky , But this time I will win for sure as long as God is with me


Omg first of all kudos to you for doing a face reveal :clap:
Secondly, I really think its a genius move. :100: I ain’t kidding bro, if it makes u productive I swear I would try it myself lol :joy:
Also, goodluck with the new method brother. I really think its genius idk why :joy: :muscle: :100: :fire:


Wow Gautham Bhai. It is awesome. You are good at English but you have to improve it while communicating and one more thing, your face is little bit similar to my face truly. We always support you bro. Keep rocking.


@Risinglion123 Best of luck dude. I want to you to be consistent in the things that you follow. I am always there if you need any help.
You will do great.
Be consistent.


If you think being watched makes you more productive, then you have always been watched by God. All your sins and good deeds have been recorded. Also we are watching you. Don’t let us or God down.


Yesterday I had an issue uploading 3 of my videos because of my Memory Storage limitations. My phone has a total storage of 32 GB in which 29 GB was already consumed.

This created a problem as my second video can only be recorded upto 20 minutes as my storage is already full.

But today I bought a 64 GB SD Card now its helping tremendously. I will start my 2nd video 3: 00 PM Today


To be honest , I didn’t upload any video today. But I promise I will do it tomorrow. I have not ( and will not ) give up on this decision no matter how much screwed up I am.


Rising lion face revealed :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:.



You have the guts bhai, i have few videos of mine in which i talked about random things , but i have hidden all the videos in google photos :joy:. Hats off bhai :fire:.

The innocence of your face man, you are damn cute!!! You are confident, you will surely improve Gautam bhai(ig now i can call you by that name :joy:,dw i will call you rising lion) . All the best :fire::fire:.

The Lion has started to roar :fire:.


Today I made my 1 hour long study routine video but storage problem always persist even with sd card. Now I am planning to upload videos through laptop