Workout Accountibility

A workout Accountibility group for all.

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Age - 21
Gender - M
Location - IND

Why I want to create a group - For all those trying to workout at home, here you just have to share your daily workout goals and which all excercises you have completed. This can let you be consistent. Consistency is the major problem in workout.

No challenges. Just a page to share your achievements and be accountable to self.

No start date. No end date.
Do whatever you want to do here. Share screenshots, share information, share plans, share achievements. But let it just be related to workout and excercise. Nothing else. Otherwise will be flagged as out of topic.

Im using a workout planner app for this. You can use whichever app or personal trainer or if you know all the excercises and tell us about it.

My plan, starting from tomorrow morning:-


Names of the people who want to witness the beast who will be proud of the person standing infront of the mirror.

  1. strongwillpower
  2. Cubenix
  3. bb1508 (batman)
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Wow sign me up I am going to need a little kick under my ass to get it in gear!

Current streak - 2 days
Highest streak - 138 days
Age - 23
Gender - M
Location - SA

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I mostly make use of YouTube circuits created if that’s also okay to post here?

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!


Just add your name… and post your daily achieved workouts…


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I have been working out for last 12 days… I’ll put one single screenshot

I made this topic 12 days ago… but it was under review… it got accepted today.

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Abs workout.

Completed till Day 12 :point_down:

Legs workout.

Completed till Day 12 :point_down:

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Super I’ll add links or would you rather have a screenshot of the workout being done?

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Share about your achieved goals day by day… like what all exercises you perfomed today. That will be better than sharing link of youtube of what you do.

If screenshots not available, you can even just type them out.

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Super this will also help others should they wanna go the YouTube way! Awesome thanks for this

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Late night workout !

Abs tutorial ! It was great I definitely felt the burn just with the recommended reps. Was hard as it works alot on stability in ab exercise as well didn’t need much time to perform these exercises. About 5 mins. I am kinda advanced as I use a short rest period in this or no rest at all. Yeah it is bad I know but I feel it helps to improve endurence more. Yes it I know about form but these exercises have like a 6 to 15 rep range and ain’t hard and is quick to do to.

A cardio curcuit I did. It needed a little bit more than 7 mins. But pretty close after you watch the movement first and rewind it a bit. To do a min per workout. It has a nice beep to also let you know that the next exercise is going to start.

Nice follow along. Workout!

Well see you soon as I am going to bed !

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!


Hey bro sorry about that didn’t want you to feel alone.

I exercise quiet late in the evenings. It is already morning again.

I work also a bit on stability lower body.

Today will be more just streches and more stibility so chilled a bit down from a bit intesense and short workouts!

Here is my links!

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!!!


DAY 13

Abs Workout

Legs workout

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Where do u live? @Cubenix what’s ur time zone.

Well today i did the above things…
I don’t do hard or extreme exercises because i know that i will get fatigued by it and will stop doing it. I don’t want to do that…

Im not a gym guy or a veteran body builder.
Its just the beginning for me… so im starting with small things… once my body and muscles get stabilized and used to the work-outs… I’ll definitely try going hard mode… but ya… it will take time…

I’m from South-Africa, I’m on CAT time zone.

To be honest not reslly big on gyming too, but I found these YouTube video’s super fun and motivating.

I’m also doing way less than I normally do, but I am also starting back up. After 2 weeks. I was on another workout app with my friend and yeah I suggested we try something new as some of the app exercises I get bored with. As you repeat stuff and also the app is limited and I am hungry so I want maybe a 5 min intense circuits like these to push myself.

Also I tend to workout 5 days a week and rest on the weekend.

Monday I work upperbody mainly

Tuesday lowerbody

Wednesday low intensity workouts or strech day (for stibility and recovery)

Thursday I sometimes do a bit cardio to get fit and helps with endurence or I do low intensity circuits like 30 of each exercise like push-ups, sit-ups and squats. With some planking and sqaut hold positions.

Friday if I pushed hard in cardio the day before then I keep it low intensity. If no cardio is done well this is the day I truely make intense full body. To increase endurence .

I started out abit on fullbody and had a target muscle this two days. It was for me to get back an active the muscles and burn some calories and to get the body in knowing we are going to workout.

Feels good and my abs and legs will confess to it too. A bit stiff today, but some streches and yoga poses and light exercises will be used today as mentioned.

I’m going to give links soon! Good luck and stay strong and awesome


That’s an awesome routine… !!! @Cubenix
I’m doing this now and continue for 1 more month… after that i have final exams… so I’ll take break during that period then I’ll go for full body… !!

Here’s a small kick to our big start. :point_down:

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Super cool encouragement!

Although even if you’ll be studying soon, rather incorporate small exercises like the ones I use on YouTube . Like a 5 min as it will help in memory retention to and great stress reliever. The fewer stress you have the better for memory. Just a suggestion! Either way good luck!!!

So here is my links I have done sofar for the day.

I focused a bit on mobility throughout the body.
I targeted lower back not that it is hurting as the 2nd video is for lower back pain, but it can also be used as a strengthing exercise so I found it mega cool. Also great tips are given!

See you soon I am going to do a light circuit tonight. I am feeling great!

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!!

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Add bb1508 to the list as well
I am more of a runner :joy: ( ran my 10K marathon 6 months ago in 1:07:00 time), also corona isn’t helping me much

So I have decided to do home workouts now, already bought a skipping rope and a yoga mat

Need guidance where do I start


My progress so far


Welcome here brother… i will add you to the list. :metal::metal::blush:

@Cubenix will help you(when he is online) for a startup… he has a good research on it on youtube…

Im using this app :point_down::point_down:


Lovely brother :ok_hand::ok_hand:
I will use it as well
Once briefed by @Cubenix will prepare my workout routine and post it here