Why You want To quit

I think everyone here should know that they have to realise the real reason why you want to quit in order to sincerely give up this bad habit.

It can be because it is harmful for you, because of religious reason or even to be a better person.

For me i have always wanted to quit because of religious reason. It is a sin. Other than that i also want to be a better person. I want to stop because i have been observing that i am not productive, not active and i always feel bad of the state i am in.

From now on, I am going to start a new page, and not lie to myself and not be in denial.

Go get a GYM membership, learn a new skill, do something good for yourself, occupy your life with the things god have created you for;appreciating yourself.

With that we all should not be demotivated and thing positive. When you relapse get back up and restart and dont think that you have failed but think that you suceed in overcoming the number of days.

No one said this would be easy. It took a long time for me to finally want to stop, so it will take some time to reboot too. Take it as losing weight there is no fast option or easy way out.

Learn and understand more about yourself. Get to know YOU.:slightly_smiling_face:

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I want to quit this bad habit for couple of reasons.

Main one being it’s wasting a lot of time. The time I should be studying and working for my future. My grades are getting low.


My “why” consists of a list that I’ve been compiling throughout my journey in recovery. I’m going NoFap because the compulsive use of pornography…

  • has harmed my relationships.
  • has had negative impacts on my sexual life.
  • has harmed my health.
  • has made me waste a lot of my time.
  • has lowered my self-esteem.
  • has taken me further from my feelings.
  • has destroyed my integrity.
  • has made me put more than enough effort in recovery.

I think finding the personal, selfish why is a crucial step for recovery.

Take care.


Because i’m a fucking MAN.


Every time I relapse and sit to study I’m not able to recall the things I studied and it takes 2-3 days to get back on track.
Idont want to go through all this again . I’m getting stronger day by day.

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My reasons to quit PMO:

• It always ends with shame.
• It takes a lot of energy, which i can use for importent tasks and goals.
• It’s fake and not real.
• It harms the brain.
• It makes me angry and life looks pointless every time i give up to it.

It’s just not worth it.


Because my dick is not for fantasy but for real thing . And it is a wastage of time and energy.

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5 Strong Reasons Why I Want to Escape PMO:

  1. It hindered my spiritual progress, my relationship with GOD, and was a rebellion against His Plan for my life.
  2. It stopped me from pursuing my dreams, goals, hobbies and success in this life and the Hereafter.
  3. It led to struggles with my self-esteem, my relationships, my career and my finances.
  4. It made me disinterested in good relationships with family and friends and killed love with lies and deception.
  5. It fueled anxiety, depression, loneliness and self-loathing, and caused deep shame, regret and social isolation

Well, might as well drop my reasons: :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. i have a vision for my daily life and future life and this addiction interferes with it.
    Also when i am without this addiction i see life in a wonderful way.
  2. I care about living virtuously. So, indulging in PMO made me feel like a hypocrite.
  3. I don’t support the porn industry( not that i have any built up hatred for it like other people. Regardless of that it is my decision after my unbiased & objective reasoning). so again, feel like a hypocrite if I indulge in porn or anything associated with/inspired by porn.
  4. i escaped using PMO whenever i had negative feelings. That’s not the healthy and mature way to find solution to my negative emotions.
  5. Also i care for my future spouse :sweat_smile: and want her to be the only one. Who will deserve my feelings.

My reasons for quiting are

  • my health is really bad. Last month had a panic attack after relapsing.
  • my whole early teenage i used to think it’s healthy everybody in my class does it so i should too.
  • call me weird but i’ve fantasised to my family relatives too which gives me anxiety still. And i hate myself so much about this.
  • I have zero confidence when speaking to any person.
  • In my 11th grade i used to spend around 3-4hours watching porn and used to think about it all day long rather than studying result—>60%.

I just hate porn!!!