Why Did You Start NoFap?

Why’d you do it? Why should I do it? Whatcha got?Lemme see.


Previously, for benefits. Now, just to heal myself Alhamdulillah.

Because you are also suffering like us when we were on your condition.

I got nothing except some piece of knowledge Alhamdulillah


Interesting. Anyone else??

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Why did I start?
I was addicted for 13 years, even while I was still a student. And it ruined my life. I was very good at school. People had high expectations about me and thought that I would become a doctor in the future… The addiction ruined it. I couldn’t focus because of this addiction and my grades got worse and worse… They were not high enough for me to enter pharmacy school, which was my goal. The addiction made me numb, prevented me from reaching my goal, made me go really far from God… I was severely depressed and wanted to kill myself. I had suicidal thoughts. As I mentioned, the addiction made me numb. I couldn’t feel any emotions for years. I became crazy because of this. Without emotions, you cease to be human… I had no purpose, I had suicidal thoughts and I became insane. The only thing that I felt was the small pleasure from this addiction. Which is why I kept doing PMO… In the end, I graduated with a Bachelor with barely passable grades. I graduated in something that didn’t even interest me. I didn’t care at all about my bachelor.

After I graduated, my brother told me that he was going back to training in the gym. He told me to come with him. I accepted. And I’m so glad that I did. Exercising helped me so much. I was actually doing something new for the first time. A new activity that kept me busy… And let me tell you that it helped me so much that I am still going to the gym after 4 years. I used to train a lot at first to try and keep myself as occupied as I could. I relapsed a lot at first, but at least I would do so 1-2 times per week instead of 5-6 times…

But that was not enough. It was still 1-2 relapse per week. I couldn’t think of anything else to help me stop relapsing. Until I realized I was far away from God. In all these years of addiction, I never thought about God. I realized that it must be the reason why I kept falling. Because in order to succeed, you not only need to put the efforts, but you also need God. One without the other is not enough to stop the addiction. That is when I started going back into reading the Bible and putting more time in my faith.

Thanks to the Lord, I am now in a 29 days streak. This is the second time it happened over 13 years. Sure there are some days where I fantasize a lot and have strong urges. But at least I resist the temptation to watch illicit videos.

Why should you stop?
I guess my story is already self-explanatory. For your goals. For your family. For God.

Some days are harder than others. And in such times, you must turn to the Lord. Keep working and think of God in your efforts.

God be with you.


Bruh what? What’s that supposed to mean?

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Happy for you man! No looking back now!


The whole PMO thing was exacerbating my depression, plus I was slipping in my home life and at school because I spent so much time watching porn, most days it felt like I was in a fog that I couldn’t escape.

If PMO is interrupting your life, why not get rid of it? Either way, you lose very little and have the possibility to gain much more. Pascal’s Wager and all that :joy:

I got some advice. Don’t focus on your streak and don’t ever let yourself think “wow, I’ve come so far!” Because that’s when you’ll slip. Keep your head down, one step at a time, and you will reap the rewards.


I want to do it because I don’t wanna fap anymore

You should do it because fapping is dangerous

I got freedom from PMO addiction

That’s it :joy:


I did it coasue I notice how much the PMO addiction has disturbed my mind, destroyed my teenage life and starting to destroy my adult life, and I can’t let it happen, I just see as drugs, actual tangible drugs, like meth or cocaine, even weed… The porn and masturbation has been my meth. My destroying substance I could get rid of since I was a preadolescent, but since two years ago and now more than I’m decided to quit porn, to live my life and to forget about the past.
I can’t change the past, but I can build a better future. And since three weeks ago, I’ve working constantly without falling again in the PMO hole to get it.


Cuz i realised how much it affected my life. Prefering fap and porn over sex with girl is insane. I can gain a lot but If i fail i can loose much more

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I started to get rid of acne. It works

I started it for my Lord. He doesn’t want me to have such low class tastes like porn and stuff… He wants me to taste His transcendental Love! And for that I have to leave it and I will leave it🔥

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1, 2, 3, 4. We don’t wanna fap no more :rofl:

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