Why-are-you-doing-Nofap-? Challenge


Day 1:
I am doing this so I can look at the opposite gender with respect.


DAY 8:

I am doing this so that my drive to be the best I can be remains in me and isn’t dulled by the effects of PMO


DAY 14

I’m doing this because I choose memories over forgetable pixels.


Day 0

I am doing this to become a different person and leave the old me behind. I am doing this to stop my perversion over woman. I am doing this to have my mind changed and go a different route.


There are many reasons. The most obvious one is I hate this PMO life. But hate can change whenever urges come. Still working a way out of this. Thats why I block all apps. Cause I just cant reason if I got urges. If blocked Im in detention center that I made myself.


DAY 9:

I am doing this to be an example and a hope for change for my younger cousins


DAY 15

I’m doing this because I refuse to spend even one more second as a slave to addiction.


Day 1
I am doing this because I feel light, more confident and satisfied, more clear and open and I am more lovingly living life. I am much happier when I live free of porn and orgasm. And thats wonderful! :slight_smile:


Because I HATE PMO. also so I get my life again


DAY 16

I’m doing this to help an addicted and suicidal friend of mine. I must show him by example how beautiful life can be when we strive for greatness.


DAY 10:

I am doing this because I love the feeling of being free, and proud of my choices in life.


Because I want to be real everything. PMO like junk food, tailored to the best taste, but no real substance, nutritional value, superficial, sometimes too easily digested or overly indigestible. Lack the natural taste which is unmatched by synthetic products… I can go on we all know the difference btw these two.


Day 19
I’m doing this because it ruins lives and skews my view of sex and relationships, and because God has so much better things in store!!


DAY 11:

I am doing this to live a real life, to experience natural dopamine rushes when I meet a REAL lady and to be able to have a relationship that’s based on love not sex.


DAY 17

I’m doing this because I want to be able to honor my ancestors.

Had they spent their lives seeking self-pleasure at home, I wouldn’t even exist. Instead, they were men of action that didn’t surrender even when faced with unimaginable adversities.

What would they think of us knowing we have an amazing toll as the internet, but we use it to tie ourselves to addiction?

I will honor them by taking constant action towards my self-improvement. This is only the beginning.


I am doing this because this is LIVING.

PMO is not.


DAY 12:

Man am I glad to finally be up there again! It took a long time for me to get back to this many days.

I am doing this because I am tired of living in the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.

I’m tired of working so hard just to go back to look at that “new pic that I really want to see” and expecting that somehow it will be better this time.

It never is. And I’m tired of falling for the same traps. I want my life back!


DAY 18

I’m doing this because it doesn’t matter how many dozens, hundreds or thousands of hours you spend on it, distractions will NEVER be a replacement for human interaction.

Congratulations @Special_Bird! I have also reached my previous record and now each day is a new victory.
We got this!


Day 1

I am doing this to prove I am better than this addiction. Because I know I need to be the best example. I’ve seen too many bad influences. I want to be the change. I understand it will be hard, but as a warrior I must keep pushing till I can’t no more. :muscle:


DAY 0 : I’m doing no fap to boost my collagen production at age of 16.