When we get to be Normal?

Especially for all the superemperors, when will we get out of the shackles, undisturbed by triggers like normal guys. Just focys on their life without having to look out for missteps that will lead to relapse that will lead to binging that will lead to the old disgusting dungeon made by ourselves


Never. :joy: I am sorry but that is the truth. Our mind is athlete level trained to react to triggers and it is not going leave a thing which is so important to survival of our species ( IT thinks that, stupid mind ). You can never unlearn riding a bike once you create a circuitory in your mind to do that. But ofcourse, triggers will get less disturbing as the time progresses. We can live a normal life but we will always be more vulnerable than a person who never saw porn.


Soon; there will be a time when you dont have to give a fuck about PORN & fapping.

Till then; hold on.


(I’m far away from superemperor but still i feel like this thought could be helpful)

I feel like there are two things.

  • If things in life go awry or don’t work as planned, you’re burnt-out and feel bad, than every person will have some kind of vent. I guess it is quite normal that the mind will search for some way to fight these negative feelings. Some people will gain power and tackle the problems, others are drawn to alcohol or other drugs like porn or towards depression/suicidal thoughts. These are all extreme ways to cope with the negative feelings.

  • On the other hand there is the craving we have because of our addiction and our current state of life. I can’t tell you anything about when this will stop since I’m not far enough. But I felt that it became a lot better once I had an average of 2-3 weeks between relapses for a long time. But I would guess that it definitely is above 90 days. but it’s just a guess

So, my opinion is that there will be a time after months of nofap where these daily cravings and the “habit” of having urges will fade. Where you can lead a normal life. But I guess in stressful situations, where we are on the bottom and just feel horrible, porn will probably always be the go-to drug for our mind to flee from these emotions. But will can learn to say no to it. Once you are in this state you will be free to say yes i wanna watch porn or no, i wanna tackle my problems

I have that with my suicidal thoughts. I had major depression for a long time. My go-to thought when I feel like I can’t handle all the problems is to think of suicide, because that would solve all my problems (even though I battled my depression about 6 years ago). But since I won the battle against depression long ago, it is easy to tell myself that it isn’t the solution and that I should tackle my problems.


I can answer your question, as I’m on day 135 and I don’t get the urge to watch P It’s just out of my life,PMO is not my problem anymore. I’m more focused towards my goals. I desire to have it done with a real woman and not via P. There are immense changes inside me, I feel more positive, there’s a genuine love developed for the people who cares about me, and This feeling is incredible. I sense responsibility in me after starting nofap.
These results are based on my personal experience. So I’ve seen people relapsing around day 87, day140 and so on.

It all happens when you successfully completed 90 days reboot, you’ll have to develop a habit of resistance to urges and triggers, because urges are going to be there with you but this time you’ll learn how to handle it. I’m at day 135 and I don’t count days anymore well at least not like I used when I was in initial stage, I’m going for 356 now. I must say that quitting every social media helped a lot in this journey, and I still do not use them. You gotta push yourself a little bit more, if you develop the the habit of resistance to urges and not surrendering them in initial stages, you’ll make it easy for the long term. So I would definitely recommend you to go for a long term and do not fear of of people relapsing in long term. Pro tip, do not expose yourself to explicit content in any day, let it be day 1 day day 999.


Im grateful I’m more positive now. I don’t need no caffeine. But still sleepyhead and several withdrawals but all got lessen by time. Quick question, when was it that the withdrawals or triggers or stress does not bother with your routine or your focus? I mean of course, we can’t annihilate the learnt circulatory habit in the mibd, but when was it that you feel sort of “free” or maybe precisely"unbothered"

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The only kind of depression I felt and even now is not getting laid. And mostly during the initial stages urges hit me harder. The last time I felt like I wanna fap so hard was when I was chatting with a woman, and in every chat I felt urges over the top(days50s). So I blocked her. Everytime I felt strong urges I used text my companion, and everything was sorted out. And often times when I accidentally get a glance of any explicit content on TV , or internet urges hit me. But thanks to the dopamine shift I made up my mind Everytime I get urges I simply started reading, in that way I release my dopamine level over reading and I beat urges. And yeah while browsing some of dating apps also, I had a hard time with urges. Except for these traps I feel normal and good.

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