What to do under extreme circumstances?

How do you guys stop when there is no way out?
When you have tried everything in your capacity, yet there is no way to stop?
Exercise, walk, closing eyes, running, workouts, getting away from home, and so on, even when these things fail. How do you stop?
Plz reply

For me personally the only way to reach a high number of days is when i have no access to internet in my appartment. I managed to live 46 days without porn. But as soon as i had internet again i relapsed. Maybe this was too early. Right now i try it again this way. And my plan is to never have internet in my appartment again.

My friend i know is hard but you have to to use your Will power those feelings and thoughts are temporary ,i know it hurts a lot , hold yourself to to your will power , your mind makes you thinks That overcoming porn is impossible, but thats a lie, after 3 or 4 weeks it starts to get easier ,do what i do move your PC to the lounge , make every minute of your life worth it , download app to learn new languages like Duolingo, learn to play an musical instrument, go outside and talk to people , listen to music i recommend you space music COSMOS volume 2 , star waves m83, i’m sending you away m83, these are beautiful tracks, sometimes when we are bored, stressed, tired, sad, anxious, nervous, feel lonely and all sorts of feelings we use porn and masturbation as a way to escape these feelings don’t do That , we have to stop to medicating ourselves with PMO everytime we feel Bad ,they key my friend is to fight for your dreams your goals find a motivation in life :grinning: make them achivable , this is my friend the hardest battle for our lives… never give up!!! Sorry por my English


This nofap bullshit sukks. I haven’t seen any changes over last 7 days of hard mode. I’m loosing it now. Every single day I have to fight these uncontrollable urges and they are now dragging me down to hell. I can’t spend a single second without thinking of the scenes I have watched over the years. Every single moment I am being forced to give up on this bullshit.
What is happening to me?

Make a phonecall to your best friend and talk about any thing crack jokes or best way is go an sit next to her or talk to her …

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Nice bait.
But this is what maximum of us go through. I’m looking for a way to psiphon it off before I end giving up like you. I want a way to find a solution to these uncontrollable urges.

Hahaahahaahaahahahahaa :joy:
Good luck

Why so rude? if you dont have an answer dont tell him to give up. People like him and me and so many more when they see a comment such as yours will give up for real. If you want to quit, quit and keep it for yourslef your not helping anybody. No harsh feelings tho just an advice

Ok so my helping words are as

Bear the pain in silence
Have patience
Changes takes time approx. 1 month.
First 3 weeks are hard as hell so enjoy the ride.
Dont touch ur dick except pissing.


I read someones post on one of the forum, I found it extremely helpful not just in nf but also in other areas. You brain has a natural tendency to have control over your body. The more you try to suppress it the more stronger it will get. Dont try to avoid it. Let it run its course. Listen to tht voice passively. Just listen and dont act. Let it scream, let it say whatever it needs to say, just sit and dont act. Take deep breaths while doing this. Slowly you will feel the thickness of the urge getting lighter and lighter. And in no time you will be out of it. Remember, be strong enough to sit WITHOUT ACTING TO THAT URGE.

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If you are in extreme situation I suggest to put handcuffs or if you can’t resist cutting your rod. :eggplant::eggplant::eggplant:

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Hahahaahahaa what if your wife is stroking your dick without your permission

If she is stroking my dick I would smack her in the face and say:

“Get your own dick you soul sucking whore”

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“Uncotrolable urges” Brother that is your body fighting back from what you took it from during nofap that is your body and chemicals inside of you balancing, i reccomend you embrace the struggle that little 3 seconds high will get you nothing, its not dragging you to hell you are in hell you need to fight back. you are uncousiously fighting back crawling out of the pits, but you have been an addict for a long time soo you don’t understand that but you will, fight your urges you are a slave to them soo fight back not be!! I am counting on you, you can do it! If i can soo can you!!


Yeah if you are on nofap easy mode i would reccomend not to let Anyone stroke it because thats what we are fighting.


Ur sarcasm didn’t demotivate me instead I knew it was the same old bait I put someone, so no hard feelings XD.
I know everyone here is to understand NF and get rid of this pathetic addiction. But it becomes really difficult sometimes. That’s y I made this thread for me as well as others to have a backup of they are in verge of loosing.

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I relapsed today so i can understand its very hard but not impossible.

Man… stop posting your personal erotica… It shoots us down like a fkking bazooka -_-


I promise i wont do that shity diary writing again.

Had sex or masturbated?