What make you strong?

Could you share here what make you strong?? In a way that we learn from each others diferent ways to deal with this

When I approach more and more people and open up with them, that makes me mentally confident and strong.
In case of physical strength, normally working out regular will be good enough. Also for me not fapping for 10days increases my energy and excitement. This may vary from person to person


getting busy. where you don’t have time for porn.

By “working out” do you mean regular job or go to the gym??

Gym…I go to gym 3 times a week

I dunno if you’ve heard of David Goggins (you can find interviews on YouTube), but I like this idea of his of a “mental cookie jar”. Basically he says that when he’s struggling with something, he goes to his mental cookie jar, takes an achievement (like “ran a marathon”, but could be anything positive) and that way reminds himself he’s a bad motherfucker after all, and that drives him.
I know it’s not ground-braking philosophy, but I like the metaphor he used, so I started doing it, filling up my mental cookie jar.
Check him out, he’s a guy that’s really keepin’ it real, no bullshit, no “you’re great, i’m great, life’s great”, but more like “life’s tough, so you gotta be tougher”.


I am taking a deep breath and tell myself that I don’t want to lose this again, the new me.

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That guy went through some shit, but it made him and now a true living legend hard mofo

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Only one thing makes you stronger, expanding you boundries, and usually it means facing your fears and making an effort in smth. Setting goals is a combination of those two.

Good diet

Nofap with meditation

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I would like to suggest you read this: Fear helps in countering urges