Fear helps in countering urges

You must have heard this many times in your life that don’t fear anything or be fearless. I would like to change that statement slightly. What I suggest is be fearful. Yeah, that right, be fearful of things that will pull you down. Be afraid of a relapse, be afraid of giving into your urges, be very afraid of the consequences of fapping. The right fear in life is very important to know. This beautiful qoute that came to my mind: “The only difference between a brave man and a stupid man is the former knows what to be afraid of.”
Let me give you an example. I am always afraid of loosing. Whether it is a competition(which makes me work hard) or loosing my personal belongings (which makes me a responsible person) or I am afraid of being unfit physically (which makes me do work out ) or I am afraid that someone else might ask that girl I like before me(which makes me to not think too much and just ask her out) etc. Using the meaning of being afraid for our own benefit is the key here. So whenever urges surround me, I just take a moment, ask myself this simple yet difficult question,“Whether I wanna jack off or not?”. If ans is yes, Then I think about the consequences it brings along with it and that really scares the shit out of me, and voila, the urges subsides eventually. So, it is very important for any person to know what to be afraid of and use that fear as their own advantage.
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