What is your opinion on apps like Instagram?

In the world we live in there are potential triggers everywhere. In daily life and on the Internet. I think we all know that social media (particularly Instagram for some reason) has lots of females on it who are wearing almost nothing.
This particular thing is definitely a trigger for me so I have no issue unfollowing them. However there are some woman on there who I follow that don’t post half nude photos that still trigger me because I find them attractive.
I don’t have an issue unfollowing them all but where do I draw the line? I just feel like if I got rid of everything in my life that is a trigger I wouldn’t ever be able to leave the house.

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If you wanna succeed in nofap, delete insta, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat. Then and only then you will succeed. It’s been 6 months since I left those apps and I have so much time I can spare on other good things in life. Try it and you will feel the difference.

  1. Your mind naturally heals as you quit PMO.

  2. It takes effort to stop objectifying women.

In order to do that, you have to replace those lustful thoughts with healthy thoughts. Attraction is natural but what you do with that attraction is important. So while you fix your brain, stay away from all triggers on Instagram, even if it means uninstalling it. I did that too even though I’m a designer and a majority of my clients come from Insta. Please don’t lock yourself in the house though, put those energies into healthy activities like exercise and reading books and even meeting new people. Learn a new skill that you’ve wanted to for a while. Keep pursuing excellence instead of being fearful. You have not been created with a spirit of fear but of power and love.
You got this @rev2016. You are victorious!


If I could I would delete them all I would in a heartbeat (despite inevitably regretting it immediately after lol).
The problem is I’m trying to get a business venture off the ground and it’s a type of business that greatly relies on social media.
I will definitely be unfollowing these females on Instagram (as it’s the only one I use that has triggers on it) and I’ll definitely be avoiding my instagram explore page as it littered with those types of posts.


Thank you for the encouragement!

I’m a bodybuilder so I definitely workout enough and I’m sure it has profound effects on my health. To be quite honest it’s about the only thing in life I enjoy doing (besides PMO of course). I am in the gym alot so I often see woman in there who are in great shape and even they are a trigger for me and like you said I objectify them. That’s the reason why Instagram is such a bad place for me because i follow alot of ladies involved in the fitness industry who I neednt say are very attractive (I will be unfollowing them as of now though and then giving myself a pat on the back).

Ive had this addiction from a very young age and I’m now in my early 20s, and I know it’s a very sad and awful thing to say but I don’t know how not to objectify women. I wouldnt even know where to start. This probably sounds even worse but i also don’t know who I am without it.


Last time I checked there is this separate social media platform called LinkedIn which serves this purpose. But if you want to use other social media platforms, then use them strictly for work, no other itty-bitty BS. But still, I would suggest you to delete them. It’s a no-brainer decision


Good point.

Self discipline makes you a Master of not yourself but of the world.

What we are doing ?
Our 1st rule is dont watch porn … What is porn ?
Porn is anything that Triggers you into masturbation…
Now coming to your question.

1st Rule draws a Line for us… it is very thin line which is very hard to maintain. If you stop watching models on instagram you will start seeing women on streets… if you stop watching women on the streets… you will see them in your thoughts when you close your eyes…
If you stop them in your thoughts by using some mantra technique… they will come in your dreams… there is no escape.

But There is an escape for the Brave
If you keep walking on this thin line… it builds a massive discipline in you… sometimes you slip down the line a little bit but if you catch yourself again and again… walking on this line… it gives you peace of mind… it gives you success… it gives you benefits… that is how nofap works…

It is not easy thats why it is a Nofap
Superpowers are Real


Unfixing your eyes from ass & tits to the eyes .

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That was actually a good explanation. It’ll be difficult but I can do this!

In reply the don’t look at a woman’s private parts reply… I don’t know how i could do this as it feels completely natural and I can’t help but notice those parts of a woman.

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As i said in my previous comment, we fall sometimes down the line and pick ourself again and again…

What does it mean ?
It means when we watch an ass in public, it feels good.

In above link, i have discussed about the Glance Method…
In Glance Method when we see a good ass we dont look at it twice thats a self discipline.

Why not look ?
After looking everything is fine and we do our job and returns home. At night when we lay in our beds we suddenly have these images & thoughts floating about that ass and it realy haunts us .

To prevent such an Urge, The Glance Method comes at your rescue.

It takes Time to get back to normal

What is normal ?
Normal is when we look at that ass and dont masturbate later in the day by making sexual fantasy instead we bury that ass dopamine then and there and engulf it down our throats without a burp. :wink:


I thinks that erase those apps could be usefull for some time, specially at the beginning. But not necessarily for aways, this days the wold works with social media, so later or soon, we should learn how to ise it property. (Actually this is a social media).
Anyway, I believe anything could be a trigger, a simple look or conversation. So the instagram trigger it’s something circumstantial of this time.


My humble opinion @rev2016
To requote @aapoorv75 - “use them strictly for work, no other itty-bitty BS”

I’m using fb, and Insta for business too.
But not in my bedroom, or in tricky circumstances.
Just business!

#GottaBeStoic :joy:


Hi @Natalia is for girls also insta, fb snapchat are source of triger???

It’s all about the intent behind it imo. If you use it with the intent of watching sexual pics, delete it. It will only harm your progress.
I deleted it because it wasted my time.


Hey @batish, there was a time when I did foolish things and these apps provided the environment. The memory of that triggered me. But uninstalling it also freed up mind space for me to focus on better things.


I strongly disagree, while during no PMO nobody wants to fap but it happens mostly when one gets exposed to explicit content. But when they do, it’s hard to stay clean.

When you accidentally encounter a hot pic of a woman in a revealing A** & ti**ies, that gives unbearable triggers and that’s a fucking nightmare for someone who is at an initial stage of nofap. And Instagram throws a ton of those, so do Facebook does quoting “recommendation”

What do you do when you encounter any of the pic or a video in a recommendation showing a hot women a very revealing clothes. You might say nah I’m heading back , but your mind is fucked up, it’s years of addiction, that particular moment, even if God is giving a million dollars for not fapping , you’d still end up on por**ub.com

Just don’t expose to any of the Tigger content in the initial stages.