What is your opinion about doing No pm mode for life time?is it possible to do it?

I set goal that can be most difficult to hit last badge of this app. Do you think is possible to do hardmode(no pmo) for life time??

If you ask me, obviously it is possible to achieve but it is definitely not a goal I would like to achieve.
Is a life without internet possible? One without chocolate? (:smile: sorry as a swiss person this is pretty hard to do). One without fatty food? I could go on forever.
All these things are possible but to what point?

I don’t like the long-termed no orgasm thing. It’s similar to all the other things in life. Chocolate gives me joy unless I eat too much. Internet can be used for gaining knowledge and for destroying your life. Fats are needed for our body but not too much.

our whole life is based on balance. Almost everything in our life is healthy or at least not damaging us as long as we are not overdoing it. I personally get so much out of healthy sex that I would never ever wanna miss it for the rest of my life.
So, my goal is: never again porn, no masturbation as long as I have a girlfriend (and obviously not as long as I’m not recovered from porn) and only healthy sex with my girl.


I agree with the title, I also would like not to do P or M ever again. But you elaborated that you included O in this in the original post and that is not something I am interested in at all. Each to their own, if you want to then why not? It is extreme but there are worse extreme things to do. It’s your life, you decide how you want to live it.

Again though if you are just referring to no P and M for the rest of your life that is also my goal and for me it feels right to try to do that!


Many had done it.
Like Nikola Tesla, Gama pehlwan, vivekananda,current indian prime minister Narendra Modi and many more in history.

I think in my views persons from age 14 to 21 should be kept on Hard Mode.
After their marriage they should do normal mode with sex.
After age 40 they should again go completly in Hard Mode.

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why hardmode after 40?

To achieve full potential of human being.
To achieve that perfect state of consciousness. To come to a state of bliss where there is no sadness. Always happy and contented.
To lead a peaceful life.


One can never be forever happy because if it were possible we will lose the appreciation of happiness


But some people talk about it. When they have complete control over their emotions.

I think that’s true, which is why what I am striving towards is content.
You can’t always be happy, as you say, because life is full of emotions and a rich life means taking them all into account without breaking, but growing with them. Still I wanna sit down at the end of some days and be like… Well, its not perfect, doesn’t have to be, but it’s good how things are overall


i think @aneeque444 already said half of the storry you can’t always be happy but you can always appreciate how your life is.
you can be content with what you have even on bad days